Baby’s Parents Pay It Forward After He Receives A Heart Transplant

A family in Madison, Wisconsin who went through what every parent fears when having a child are now paying it forward after their baby's recovery.

Their son, Heath, who was born with coronary ostial stenosis, a rare heart condition, desperately needed a transplant and stayed in the hospital for the first seven months of his life. His parents, Travis and Milynda Cornford had to learn from the get-go how stressful having a child admitted to the hospital is, both emotionally and financially.

When Heath was in the hospital, Travis and Milynda needed to commute five hours daily just to be with him. With their baby boy in Milwaukee and their home near the Wisconsin Dells, the Cornfords were forced to drive back and forth between their lives back home and the little one fighting for his in Milwaukee.

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"We stayed in the hospital 217 days," Milynda Cornford told News 3 over a year ago now. It took seven months between waiting for the transplant and then recovering post-surgery before Heath could even leave the hospital.

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His parents can recall vividly when Heath was a newborn and died before being brought back to life by health workers. Now a toddler, Heath has made quite the recovery. Milynda tells news reporters that the doctors didn't even think he would be alive let alone be 'healthy'.

Now with a little sister named Kenna to play with, Heath is a busy big brother. Although he can't do all the things normal most toddlers can do, Heath is a happy little boy.

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Now that they're out of the woods in terms of Heath's heart issues, his parents are giving back after they had so many people help them throughout their difficult time. With their new nonprofit organization, A Heart for Heath, Inc., the Cornfords are giving out care packages to those families in similar situations as they were. Eventually, they hope to be able to help even more.

The Cornfords know that not every parent is as lucky as they were in bringing their child home and they know that the last thing anyone should have to worry about on top of having your child in the hospital is finances. A Heart for Heath, Inc. gives parents room to breathe and focus on their child.

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