This Baby’s Reaction To Spinach Is Too Cute For Words

This baby’s reaction to eating spinach for the first time captured the hearts of internet users across the world. Many moms are doing their best to encourage their kids to eat healthier, but their efforts aren’t always worth it. In this particular case, the baby girl will probably not be eating any more spinach anytime soon.

The time your baby can start to eat solid foods is an exciting experience. You can begin to find out what kind of food your child loves the most or will never put in their mouth again. It’s also the prime opportunity to get them used to healthier food. Hopefully, once they get used to the taste and texture, they won’t be so picky when they grow older.

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This mom, however, may not give her baby spinach for a while because her reaction was so violent. The nine-month-old was enjoying her pasta lunch when her mom handed her a piece of spinach. Curious, she took the leaf and sucked at the end of it. Immediately, she spat it out and gave her mom a look of disgust to say, “mom, why? What was that?!”

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Her mom kept encouraging her by asking “is that nice?” as she was turning the leaf over and over in her hands. In hopes that she will try again, her mom continues to encourage her to eat it by praising her for being a good girl. With pasta all over her face, the baby girl refused to put the leaf anywhere near her mouth. The baby girl eventually looks at the camera, wrinkles her brow, and shakes her head repeatedly. For sure, her wonderful pasta lunch has been ruined by this weird-tasting green thing called “spinach.”

This mom’s attempt to get her daughter to love greens has failed. Perhaps in the future, with enough encouragement and recipes, her baby girl won’t hate the vegetable as much. After all, our tastes change as we grow older, our bodies change, and we try different foods. However, it could also be possible that this girl will continue hating spinach throughout her life after such a bad first experience.

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