Bachelor Baby Isabella Bass Was Born

The Instagram shot says it all. Carly Waddell and Evan Bass, pop culture's favorite reality-TV couple of the moment, couldn't be happier after sharing with the world their latest arrival: a bouncing baby christened Isabella Evelyn Bass. Isabella popped out Feb. 15, weighing six pounds and eight ounces, and measuring in at 18 and three-quarter inches.

The twosome, who met on the 2016 running of Bachelor In Paradise, officially got engaged on the final episode. They officially got hitched in June on a separate episode, helmed by Chris Harrison, best known as host of The Bachelor. They found out Waddell was pregnant only days after the nupitals. Just like the drama that unfolded on the series, the discovery had its own set of misadventures.

They were still in a resort near Puerto Vallarta in Mexico, where the wedding took place. When Waddell shared the news with Bass that her period was late, Bass looked for a pregnancy test kit at a drug store mere blocks away from where their wedding celebrations took place. Unable to read the test because it was in Spanish, the twosome Googled the translation and were ecstatic over the results. The announcement of the pregnancy was made public in August.


On social media, Waddell reported there were no complications during the birth and that she was literally high, not only with delight, but with the pain medication she took to endure the procedure.

Waddell and Bass welcomed Isabella Evelyn Bass into the world on Feb. 15. The little girl is the couple's first child together. Carly took to Instagram to introduce the latest addition to the family by posting a precious picture of her, Bass, and little Isabella, along with a heartfelt caption expressing her joy and excitement.

Isabella is the first baby for 32-year-old Waddell, joining her three half-brothers Ensley, Nathan, and Liam, fathered by 35-year-old Bass when he was in a previous relationship.

The newlyweds were well prepared for the arrival, with a nursery already completed months before the birth. In January, they revealed the baby's name, initially agreeing on the middle name (Bass has a grandmother named Evelyn), but Bass lost out in selecting the first name, initially opting for Evan.

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