Bachelor Baby Bass Is Due Any Day And It Might Be Live Tweeted

Bachelor Baby Bass is due any day now and it might be live tweeted according to the baby’s daddy.

Evan Bass and Carly Waddell met on The Bachelor spin-off Bachelor In Paradise. Now they are expecting their first child together, a baby girl, at any minute. Bass recently took to Twitter to tease their fans about tuning in for the live birth.

When he appeared on The Bachelor a couple of weeks ago, he joked that Waddell was having contractions and could go into labor any minute. He even went on to say that fans could purchase the live feed for a price.

“Carly’s having fairly intense contractions tonight so if I/we stop live tweeting #thebachelor tonight you’ll know it’s time to purchase the live feed of the birth. 19.95 per minute and includes a complimentary ointment for only 14.99 extra," Bass tweeted.

Bachelor Nation is in for a big disappointed if they were hoping to see baby Bass’ arrival. The father of three, was just being funny. There will be no live tweeting, social media, or feeds for fans to watch. This is one event the couple is not sharing with the world until they are ready.

Waddell and Bass got engaged on the season finale of Bachelor In Paradise in 2016. They have come a along way since their initial meeting where she was not all that interested in him. Fast-forward a couple of years and not only did they get married, but they are about to be parents! Although Bass has three sons, the little girl will be the first child for Waddell.

The couple announced they were expanding their family on social media last fall. Not long after sharing the news they were having a daughter, Bass revealed the name they picked out along with a photo of the baby’s nursery.

“Well folks, I lost the battle to name our baby girl Evan but I won the war with the name: ‘Isabella Evelyn Bass.' My sweet Grandma Bass was named Evelyn and she was the best and I hope that our daughter is fierce like her,” he wrote.

Although the birth won’t be live tweeted, fans should be watching out for a birth announcement from Carly Waddell and Evan Bass. Their daughter is due any day now!

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