You Can Have Bad Days & Still Enjoy Your Life

I have such an incredible life! I have an amazing husband. Seriously, every woman deserves to have a husband like mine! He's kind, caring, attentive and he is an incredible father. I have four totally awesome children. I love my babies so much that it hurts. I never knew I could love somebody the way I love those kids. I have a big beautiful house that I thought we would never be able to afford and we live the in the neighborhood of my dreams. I have a fluffy kind golden retriever named Rocky and a sweet kitty named Samuel. We belong to a great church and I have an awesome work from home job that is perfect for me and my family. I really do love my life.

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But, you know what, sometimes I do have really bad days! Some days my TMJ really acts up and my whole jaw feels like it is on fire. Other times the depressive side of my bipolar disorder takes over and I feel really down. Some evenings I have debilitating panic attacks for no reason. There are some days that I don't like myself, some days that I just want to run away from everything. Some days I just want to give up and other days I just wish I could watch The Office all day long. Every so often I have a day where my family is bothering me. I get overwhelmed, stressed out, angry, sad, bored and confused. And you know what, that it totally okay! It is part of being a person!

I remember when I was little I would look up at celebrities and I would be in awe. "I bet they have the perfect lives" I would tell myself. Why would they ever be sad? I listened to an interview with a celebrity who I thought just "had it all." She started talking about having some really bad days. She said there were days that she would cry and sometimes she was just overwhelmed. That didn't make sense to me until I became an adult.

You can love you life and people in it and still have bad days. Bad days are just part of life it seems. Thankfully my good days out way the bad! Many people would probably look into my life and be convinced that there is nothing that I could ever be sad about but that just isn't true. I have learned that even if you have the "perfect" life you are not immune to struggles of life. I used to feel guilty when I would get sad because I didn't want it to appear that I was ungrateful for the many blessing I had in my life. I realized that every single person in the world has days where they are down in the dumps no matter their life circumstances. It is okay. It doesn't mean I love my family and home and all of my blessings.

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