Please Don't Make Me Look Like My Mom With This Haircut

In my lifetime, I've run the gamut of hairstyles. No, really. As a young kid my mom cut my hair into a pageboy-ish style, which I then grew out from age 6 onward. Until 7th grade, when I chopped it off to my shoulders. It hovered around there and my chin throughout highschool. Eventually in college I went full pixie. It felt so freeing! My prep time was so quick. With two kids nowadays, it's hard to find time for myself. So I've cut my hair short again (in part because I expect my hair to start falling out soon!) - and I can't tell if I like it.

Did she think I wasn't a good tipper?

Look, I love my mom. She's an inspiration to me - she endured some crazy ish throughout her life, and came out on top. Now, near the end of her career, she's found her niche and is working for a great company that values her. And she totally dresses better than I do, so there's that. Her hair is also super cute - short and voluminous and perfectly highlighted. It suits her. My mother-in-law has hair jealousy over my mom's hair.

But hey - I'm only 30. I'm still trying to pretend I'm young and cute - and trying to ignore the baby weight I'm carrying around. Pretty sure I have a chin for each baby at this point.

My hair should say that I'm fun and a little edgy, bold, adventurous, and creative. It's a lot to ask out of a hairstyle, I know. I generally like the cuts I get - and this one is just fine. I told the stylist she could kind of do whatever but that I'd like to keep the length of my bangs/top. She gave me a ton of texture on top, with a hair cut that starts short at the nape of my neck, gets longer toward my crown, and then hits its longest at my hairline. And the crown piece - it's making me see a little bit of my mom in my hair.

I wanted something more like this, and it's not what I'm rocking.

Joyce Ann is a grandma, ok? I'm just not aiming for comparisons to my mom, who is a grandma, because I am not a grandma.

What I imagine my hair looks like right now. (It's not that bad!)

I've also started investing in high-end skin care as I can. Some part of my brain is screaming, "Just keep it tight! Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Don't forget your sunscreen or you're going to get an ugly burn and turn into wrinkle-city when you hit forty." It's not that I feel old - it's that, when I am in my forties, I want to look and feel as young as I do now.

So if I feel something ages me - a lipstick, a coat, a haircut - it doesn't make me jump up and down. There's a huge pressure to be the mom who's put together - to not let another mom catch you with a messy bun and a naked face in last night's jammies. Even the moms wearing yoga pants and hoodies are carrying cute purses and expensive coffees with big sunglasses; a look I like to call suburban chic. Meanwhile, I'm wondering if I forgot to wipe the spit-up off of my neck before I walked in the store. Is the cashier wondering how my children are alive because I look such a hot mess? Probably.

This is probably closer to my lived reality, except with more spit-up.

They wouldn't be wrong. I'm often a hot mess and definitely don't measure up to the put-together moms with cute dresses and heeled booties. If I'm being honest, it's because I'd rather make sure my kid looks nice and feels good about themselves. I want to look young, and prevent any avoidable aging - and I definitely don't want a haircut that makes me look like my mom! But what I want even more is for my kids to remember my laughter, my silly voices, and my joy. They can take or leave the short hair.


Tell me about the worst haircut you've ever gotten! Did it make you feel older? What are you doing to keep yourself feeling young? Give me your anti-aging secrets on Twitter @pi3sugarpi3! 

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