Baltimore Officers Reunited With Baby They Delivered On The Side Of The Road

Baltimore Police officers were able to be reunited with a little baby they helped to deliver.

Police officers always have to be ready for the unexpected. One minute they are dealing with a normal traffic stop while the other they might be saving somebody's life. Police officers are trained in basic CPR and first aid so that they are able to help if they are the first responders for emergency situations. All police officers are trained to help women deliver babies in case they ever need to assist in that type of situation. Many police officers go through their entire career never having the opportunity to help out in delivery, but when officers have a chance to help in the delivery process they feel honored.

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Over the weekend, the couple in Baltimore flagged down a few officers who were passing them on the highway. The couple was parked on the side of the road on Maryland Route 198. The couple waved the officers down and told them that they were in need of help. The man quickly told the officers that his wife was in labor in their vehicle and there was no way that they were going to make it to the hospital. He told the Baltimore police that the baby was not going to wait and she was on her way.

Reunited! Our officers had the distinct opportunity to meet baby Angeline Bailey today after helping to deliver her on...

Posted by Laurel Police Department on Monday, August 19, 2019

Without hesitation, the officers jumped into action and they went into the vehicle to help the mother deliver the sweet little baby girl. They were excited to use their training and help the mother deliver a beautiful and healthy little baby girl. The couple named their daughter Angeline and they nicknamed her Sandy because she was born on Sandy Spring Road. The paramedics showed up and they transported the mother and daughter to the hospital to make sure that everybody was doing well. Both mom and daughter are doing great.

The Baltimore police had the opportunity to go back and be reunited with the couple as well as their sweet little baby girl! The police officers were all smiles as they held the tiny infant in their arms. We are so happy that everybody was healthy and that nothing scary happened in delivery! Thank you, police officers, for all you do and your willingness to do so many selfless acts for the community.

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