Barista Blasted For 'Womb Bothering' A Pregnant Woman Over Caffeinated Drink

A barista went up to a pregnant woman and asked her to give him back the coffee because it might harm the baby.

Just a few months ago we shared a story about one woman who went into the coffee shop and was shamed by a woman for drinking coffee. The pregnant woman went to grab her coffee and the old woman standing next to her stole her coffee and threw it away. She told the pregnant woman that she wasn't supposed to have the coffee and it was going to hurt her baby. Well, we found another story just as ridiculous that we would love to share.

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Tiffany Stevenson, a U.K. comedian, wrote on Twitter of the most insane experiences that she witnessed at a Starbucks near her home. She said a pregnant woman ordered her drink and was happily waiting for her beverage. She was then handed her coffee and was about went to go sit down at a table. Stevenson said that then the barrista came over to her and asked for her Caramel Macchiato back because it would "harm the baby." The barista spent about 5 minutes trying to convince the pregnant woman to give him back the coffee and that she shouldn't be drinking it. The pregnant woman told him multiple times to leave her alone.


Stevenson comically stated, "are they also doing Ob/Gyn training at Starbucks these days?” After she wrote the incident on her Twitter account, Starbucks made a statement. They said that they were investigating the incident and that it has become a top priority. Starbucks wrote, "As a matter of policy, we trust our customers to make the decisions that are right for them. We’re concerned to hear about this experience, which isn’t reflective of the service we aim to provide our customers."

It is important that people just mind their own business. Don't shame pregnant mothers. Don't give them advice, don't comment on their bodies, don't touch them, just leave them alone. This story reminds us of how so many people put their noses just where they don't belong. This woman just wanted a simple coffee. Leave the poor woman alone! And for your information little barista man, caffeine can be perfectly fine as long as it is consumed moderately. She has probably already discussed the risks with her doctor anyway.

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