Beer-Drinking Bartender Finds Out She's Pregnant When She Goes Into Labor

A then-22-year-old woman from Greater Manchester, England, UK discovered something most sexually-active women fear when experiencing stomach pains: that she was pregnant.

At the bar where Stephanie Gregory worked, many of the staff called in sick because of a stomach flu bug that had been going around. She had abdominal pains but she was under the impression that she had just caught something from one of her co-workers. After working an understaffed shift, however, Gregory's pain only seemed to increase. So, she requested to leave work early, which she did.

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Upon returning to her home, Gregory spoke briefly with her mother, who had been working as a waitress. Noticing her pale complexion, she instructed her to go upstairs and take a bath. When that didn't help, her mother volunteered to drive her to the hospital, believing it might've been something to do with her appendix. But little did Gregory know that stepping into the hospital one Halloween night eight years ago would change her life forever.

When she arrived, the hospital staff opted to take a urine sample to eliminate some of the possibilities for her discomfort. But they would soon return with one question: "Do you know if you're pregnant?"

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Gregory's immediate reaction was to say "No," since she'd been taking contraceptives and had no signs of pregnancy. In fact, she commented that she had actually lost weight from how much she'd been biking to work.

Despite all this, Gregory was informed by a nurse that she would be leaving the hospital with a baby. After breaking the news to her, staff continued on with the labor procedure; beginning with an ultrasound, listening to the heartbeat, and bringing Gregory to the delivery wing.

Through all of the chaos that night, Gregory would later say that she felt guilty for the things she'd done the last night moths that might not have been the best for her unborn child. This included sucking back beers and lifting heavy boxes at work. But at the moment, giving birth was more important than anything else.

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On November 1st, Gregory gave birth to a baby girl that she named Sapphire. After being released from the hospital and adjusting to her new life as a mom, she reached out to Jon, a man she'd briefly dated months prior. As expected, he was shocked to learn that he was now a father. However, it didn't take long for him to step into his role as Sapphire's father, regardless of the fact that he and Gregory didn't get back together.

There are a lot of things that can make Halloween a night to never forget, but giving birth to a baby you didn't even know existed certainly makes the top of the list.

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