10 Things You Should Know About Basal Body Temperature

Treating one’s body well is one of the most important things they can do for their health. One thing a person can do to take charge of their physical health is check out their basal body temperature once in a while. But first, it is important to know what basal body temperature is. An important thing to remember is that basal body temperature is often referred to as BBT. A person’s basal body temperature is the temperature their body is at when they are resting. It is the coolest temperature a man or woman’s body is at every single day.

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10 Basal Body Temperature Is Lowest In The Morning

A person’s body temperature is at its lowest point in the morning. That means that the best time for most people to take their temperature is during the morning, right after they wake up.

Once a person starts moving around, their temperature is likely to go up. Those who are tracking their basal body temperature should keep their thermometer by the side of their bed so that they can use it before they get up in the morning. Basal body temperature can tell a person a lot about what’s going on with their health, so doing this every day can be very beneficial.

9 It Is A Great Way To Test Whether Or Not A Person Is Ovulating

Tracking one’s basal body temperature is a pretty good way of finding out whether or not they are able to conceive a child. That is why a woman’s BBT is very important when she starts planning to have a baby.

There are some cases in which women actually do not ovulate, which can cause some problems for those who want to become pregnant. Sometimes ladies who want to have children do not realize that they aren’t ovulating until they have trouble conceiving. But if a woman tracks her basal body temperature, she doesn’t have to wait that long before finding out.

8 Those Who Track It Must Take Their Temperature Daily

Tracking one’s basal body temperature is a fantastic idea, but it has to be done accurately. That is because there is no possible way to know what a person’s average BBT is unless they check it out every morning before they start their day.

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When it comes to basal body temperature, one must pay a lot of attention to how often they take it, as well as when they are doing it each day. Consistency is everything when it comes to things like this, since there are a lot of things that can cause a person to get inaccurate results.

7 Women Who Track It Can Record Their Results

Tracking basal body temperature can get a little tedious sometimes, but there are actually a couple of ways ladies can track their results, which makes it a little bit easier. Those who want to record their results can do it on paper.

But there are a number of apps ladies can use to do this. Apps are a great way to do it, since there are a lot of them that can give users some pretty helpful information about what is going on with their health. A couple of apps that are good for things like this are Fertility Friend and Period Tracker Period Calendar.

6 Tracking Basal Body Temperature Can Have A Negative Impact

Monitoring one’s basal body temperature is never a bad idea, but it can be stressful, especially to those who wish to get pregnant. It can also be very stressful for women who do not want to get pregnant.

That is because if a person is waiting on their period to arrive, they tend to feel a little stressed out about it (especially if it is a bit late), and that can actually have a big impact on a woman’s menstrual cycle. Stress can make a woman have a late period, which can be a bit deceiving since it could make her believe she is pregnant.

5 Tracking It Can Help A Woman Get To Know Her Body

It is very important for a person to know their body well, which is another reason why ladies should track their basal body temperature. Tracking it is beneficial in numerous ways, so it is a good thing for women to do whether or not they are trying to have a baby.

It never hurts for a person to know more about their body. Being able to predict when a period will arrive, or when menstrual cramps might start is a really cool thing since it helps ladies prepare for those things. When it comes to ladies knowing a lot about what their bodies are up to, there is absolutely no downside.

4 A Person’s Basal Body Temperature Will Rise Temporarily If They Are Pregnant

If a woman becomes pregnant, her basal body temperature will rise during the two weeks that follow ovulation. This is why it is important for one to know what their average BBT is, since it can change once conception has taken place.

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If ladies are inconsistent with tracking their BBT, they might not realize that they have conceived. Another important thing to remember is that it must be taken at roughly the same time every day. If a woman has not conceived, her basal body temperature will return to its normal range after ovulation has occurred, and her cycle will start over again soon after that.

3 It Doesn’t Tell Women When They Will Ovulate In The Future

Basal body temperature can tell a woman a lot about her cycle, but the issue with it is that it does not predict future ovulation. But if a woman begins tracking her BBT during the first day of her cycle, she will likely notice that there is a temporary spike in it the day after ovulation has occurred. That means that even though it is impossible for ladies to predict exactly when they will ovulate in the future based off of their basal body temperature, they will at least get a general idea of when they can expect it to happen every month if they remain consistent when it comes to charting their BBT.

2 It Is Not Considered A Dependable Way To Find Out Whether A Woman Is Pregnant Or Not

Basal body temperature is a very tricky thing, since there are lots of things that can affect it. Tracking it is a great way to find out if conception has taken place, but there are some things women must consider when they are doing it.

If a woman has a fever, she should remember that when she tracks her BBT. That is because fevers, as well as other physical illnesses, tend to have a huge impact on a person’s temperature. Other things can be responsible for making a person’s temperature shift as well. Movement and excitement are two things that can make a person’s BBT go up a bit.

1 It Offers No Protection From Infections

Those who rely on tracking their basal body temperature in order to avoid becoming pregnant should know that that’s not an effective way to keep STDs away. It might work fairly well as a form of birth control, but that’s about it.

Ladies who are looking to avoid getting any STDs should definitely consider using different types of birth control, since tracking their basal body temperature doesn’t actually protect them from anything. Another important thing to remember is that ladies do not need expensive thermometers to track their BBT. Basic thermometers are usually the best option for things like this.

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