Keeping Baby Close Is Easy With A Good Bassinet

Mothers want to nurture and comfort their newborns, and babies feel safe when mom is right there. These bassinets will help you stay close! The first few months home are truly exhausting, from recovering physically from childbirth to getting up every two hours to feed a newborn. It's such a relief when the baby's right there and a new mom can just nurse without getting up.

Arms Reach

The Arms Reach Co-sleeper (pictured above) is a sidecar. With this bassinet, moms can reach right over to soothe the baby or pull him or her in to nurse, but the separate area keeps baby secure from the concerns that some have noted about bed-sharing. It converts into a playpen that the baby can also sleep in as he or she grows. It does, however, take up a lot of space and can block an easy exit from the bed. They do have a smaller version, but it's still rather large.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="652"]Halo Bassinet Via Belly Beyond NZ/Halo Bassinet[/caption]

The Halo Bassinest (pictured above) is a bassinet that can be pulled up and onto the edge of the bed. It's height adjustable and supported on a pole-like stand so that it can fit most beds. The sides of the bassinet are mesh so mom and the baby can see each other, and there is good air circulation. A mom can even pull the side facing the bed down so that she can reach directly in to soothe or easily pull the baby over to feed him or her. The side pops back up when released, and can be locked in the up position. This sleeper is great for a small space because it swivels to allow more room to exit the bed. It also comes equipped with a battery operated portion that plays songs, sounds, times nursing, and vibrates.

Snuggle nest

The Snuggle Nest (pictured above) goes directly onto the bed. There is a barrier around the baby, but they are as close as can be. The Snuggle Nest should go between the parents' heads, to avoid the risk of falling off the bed, and to ensure that the blankets do not come up over the baby. This means daddy can be closer to the baby as well. On the upside, this sleeper takes up zero space in the room. But, a sizable portion of the bed is taken up. This may not work as well with a double bed. Some parents might not choose this option because it's considered bedsharing, which is not recommended for safety reasons.

The natural inclination will be to sleep in close proximity to a new baby, and these choices can set parents up for a low-risk sleeping situation! But as always. use caution and consult an expert to figure out a plan for snoozing that will work the best for you and your little one.


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