Mom Horrified After Bath Bomb Stains Her Daughter's Skin Green

A mother bought a bath bomb for her daughter and it turned her daughter green.

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Keri Sackville said that she bought her eleven-year-old daughter a build-your-own bath bomb kit from Kmart. She said that it was cheap and so that is why she purchased it for her daughter. She thought her daughter would find the activity fun. Her daughter was very excited about the Unicorn Bath Bomb kit and instantly started creating the product. Sackville said that her daughter quickly put together her first bath bomb and it took her about 20 minutes to make.  Sackville said that the creation was a complete mess and it took her much longer to clean up the product off of the floor, the table, her daughter's hair, and her daughter's hands.

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The eleven-year-old then wanted to try out of her masterpiece and jumped into the bath to try out the newly created bath bomb. Keri said that she really loves Kmart and so she didn't think that the product was going to hurt her daughter or cause her any harm. She said she didn't think anything of it when her daughter plopped one in the bathtub to take her bath.  After a little bit, Keri said that she heard her daughter call for her from the bathroom. She walked into the bathroom and she stood and stared at her daughter completely horrified. Her daughter had her arms above her head and was laughing hysterically. Keri said that her daughter was green everywhere that the water hit her. Her legs, arms, chest, and back were green and Keri said she looked like an alien. She said that she grabbed her daughter and put her in the shower to see if the green would come off but it didn't even budge.

Keri said that she had to scrub her daughter for hours to be able to get the green to come off of her skin. She said that even after she still was left with green streaks around her whole body as well as a green-tinted belly button. After three days the green finally faded. She had to also scrub the entire bathtub vigorously to get the green stain out. She contacted Kmart because she was so disappointed with the product. A spokesperson for the brand said: "At Kmart Australia, we are committed to the quality and safety of all of our products. We have not received an inquiry of this nature, but we welcome the opportunity to resolve this directly with the customer."

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