Mom Says Bathing In Breast Milk Cured Her Toddler's Eczema

Seeing your baby suffer with eczema is heartbreaking. But one mom may have just found the strangest cure for this skin condition.

According to Mel Watts, bathing her 3-year old daughter Indie in breastmilk has helped treat the toddler’s painful condition. The mom, who hails from Central Coast, Australia, revealed her uncanny hack via Instagram, in which she encouraged other parents desperate for a solution to give it a try.

In the lengthy post, Mel received her daughter had been struggling with the irritating condition since she was 2-years old. They tried everything from switching her to a gluten and dairy-free diet and various creams, but nothing was proving to be a big relief thus far.

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It’s unclear what exactly first led the mom to try bathing her kiddo in breast milk, but she says it’s had the best results. "Indie was so excited to have a bath in 'boobie milk'... I mean you try everything right?” she wrote.

Since Mel is no longer pumping herself, she revealed she relies on breastmilk donations to keep up the treatment. "Taking breast milk donations. Yes... it's not my breast milk cause that'll be well and truly stale lol,” she wrote.

"Add: I don't actually need your milk as I have a supplier up here. But try it in the bath for your babes, her skin is so smooth!!" she continued.

However, Mel’s unique solution didn’t come without backlash. While some of her folloers praised her in the comments, others questioned it. "Well that's just stupid and very unsanitary,” one skeptic wrote. Another chimed in, writing, "Bathing in it isn't a necessity although it looks fun and may have perks. I just see more benefit for a child who drinks it."

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Interestingly, Mel isn’t the first mom to recommend breastmilk baths. Last year, Lizzie Dempsey, a mother-of-two, swore by this habit to keep her kids’ eczema on the down-low. The 27-year old, who hailed from Southampton, Hampshire, said she mixed bath water with a bit of breast milk and that it worked perfectly.

“I would recommend it because it is a safe and easy way to help your baby’s skin,” Lizzie explained at the time. “Some people might be a bit squeamish about it, but it is 100 per cent natural and we really enjoyed doing it.”

Research has also proven that breastmilk can act as an effective treatment for eczema. According to Kidspot, a recent Iranian-led study found a positive correlation. Specifically, 82 percent of babies studies showed positive improvement after bathing in breastmilk.

Additionally, through various clinical trials, the Australian Breastfeeding Association, found breast milk can be useful in treating four infant conditions: atopic eczema; nappy dermatitis; umbilical cord separation, and neonatal conjunctivitis.

Would you try breastmilk bathing to get rid of your baby’s eczema? Let us know in the comments!

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