Baywatch Dads Face Off: Jason Momoa Vs. The Rock

Truth be told, most movie-goers never realized just how much Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Jason Momoa (aka Aquaman) have in common with one another outside of their rock hard bodies. Their similarities must have slipped from our minds, most likely because fans were a bit too busy staring at their chiseled pectoral muscles and falling deeply in love with their dreamy gazes and smoldering smiles.

Sorry. Back on topic...

Oh right, let's comment on the vast similarities between two of the most celebrated actors in recent history. Yes, the Rock and Jason Momoa are two peas in one good looking, talented pod. If fans were to put them side by side, they could make the best looking Venn diagram in all of the land. Sure, they have their unique qualities, belonging only to themselves, but they have also dabbled in many of the same past times and have taken similar paths to get to where they are now. And, of course, this article will not only include their Baywatch appearances, folks; these two men parallel each other.

Check out these famous men facing off and decide once and for all: who takes the cake? Even if there is a "loser," it's safe to say these men aren't losing anything.

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20 The Rock Has An Older Daughter

Dwayne Johnson first married his college sweetie and together they had one daughter. Simone Garcia Johnson is 17 years old and supposedly is showing interest in following in her father's footsteps, but not acting footsteps. Simone wants to become a professional wrestler. Her papa is fully supportive of her dreams, as well somehow knew he would be. If Simone did choose to wrestle, she would be continuing the family tradition. Her grandfather wrestled as did her famous papa. Whatever she does choose to do in her adult years, you can be sure her father and mama will be right behind her cheering her on.

19 Jason Momoa Treats His Stepdaughter Like She's His Own

Jason Momoa is incredibly close with his step-daughter, Zoe Kravitz. Zoe is the product of her mother, Lisa Bonet's, marriage to rocker Lenny Kravitz. When Bonet and Momoa began dating, Jason immediately took to Zoe and even became close friends with her father. These days they are all one, big happy family. Zoe and Aquaman have matching body ink and she even refers to him as her "Papa Bear." Zoe is also super close to her younger siblings. She named her band LolaBear after her younger sister and brother. They are a prime example of how a blended family can beautifully work. These folks are serious #relationshipgoals!

18 The Rock Dabbled In Modeling

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The Rock not only acts, but he also lends his God-like body to the world of modeling and fashion. A few years ago he was recruited by the United States Army to model New York-based company Authentic Apparel Group's latest digs. Johnson was humbled and proud to have been chosen to be the face of the company and rocked the looks as if he had been strutting catwalks for his entire life. The launch of this particular fashion line was no small feat. All of the designs had to get the green light from The Pentagon before moving forward! Sales of the merchandise went to the Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) Program.

17 ...And So Did Our Aquaman

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Before Jason Momoa was plastered all over our television screens as Khal Drogo and Aquaman, oozing masculinity, he was working as a young model and looking like he could be the sixth Backstreet Boy. Momoa got his modeling start in the late 1990s, leaving his college studies behind and moving back to Hawaii to connect with his father. He ended up winning Hawaii’s Model of the Year in 1999, which opened all sorts of new doors for a young Momoa. This discovery then led to his stint on Baywatch Hawaii, and that is when his acting took off, and he started to slowly transform into the long-haired, hippie-like Adonis we have come to know and love.

16 The Rock's Unique Hairstyle

When it comes to a signature style, Dwayne Johnson has laid claim to the shiny bald head look. Sure, lots of famous men also rock the cue-ball style, but it is The Rock who has really made it attractive for us. No matter what type of role he is playing, you can be sure that he will have zero fuzz atop his head. We can't imagine him any other way and frankly, we don't want to. We like him just the way he is. The only real hair growth we see on Johnson is the occasional salt and pepper facial hair and we are liking that more mature addition to his beautiful face!

15 Jason Momoa's Mane Sets Him Apart

Back in the late 1990s, Jason Momoa had perfectly coiffed hair that could have helped land him on the cover of a teen heartthrob magazine like Tigerbeat. No way would any early Momoa fans have been able to guess that one day their crush would be rocking some seriously wild strands. As Momoa grew up and entered adulthood, he figured out who he really was and tailored his look to his personality. His sometimes dreaded and always long and unruly hair fits his laid-back island personality to a tee. It also matches his wife's hair and we do love to see those lovebirds twinning!

14 The Rock's Giant... Brain

Aside from his rock hard abs and chiseled everything, Dwayne Johnson also has one giant brain! Not many people would peg him for an intellectual, but the guy is as smart as he is talented. Long before Johnson aspired to become one of the world's best-known actors, Johnson was a football-toting college student at Miami University. He graduated from college back in 1995 with a Bachelor of General Studies in Criminology and Physiology. At least he has his college education to fall back on should this acting thing suddenly turn south, although we are pretty confident that won't ever happen.

13 Jason Momoa Also Has Large... Smarts

Jason Momoa has it all. He acts, he has some modeling experience under his belt, he has a great sense of humor and excellent family values, and a big old brain hiding underneath that wild and unruly hair of his. After completing high school, Jason Momoa set out to study marine biology (pretty fitting considering the world will now always know him to be Aquaman.) He eventually transferred to Colorado State University and switched his major to wildlife biology before leaving his studies behind entirely, moving to Hawaii to reconnect with his father and try his hand at modeling and acting.

12 The Rock Moved Around A Lot As A Kid

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Dwayne Johnson lives a pretty charmed life these days as a devoted family man raking in some serious dough for his film work, but back in the day his life was anything but charmed. When The Rock was a young child, he moved around a lot because of his father's wrestling gigs. He revealed in one interview that because his father was always on the road working, he moved to 14 different states! So much moving was unsettling to a young Johnson and caused him to have some social problems with acting out as well as becoming a target for bullying.

11 Jason Momoa Moved Around More In His Early Adult Years

While The Rock moved around a lot as a young child, Jason Momoa waited a bit longer until he went out and saw the world, but saw the world he did! Once he finished up his high school studies and tried his hand at traditional higher learning, Momoa took off for Hawaii and reconnected with his roots. He also learned to appreciate and practice Buddhism while spending some time in Tibet. After the end of his Baywatch days, he traveled the world for years before settling in L.A. in 2001 and giving acting another shot. We sure are glad that he decided to come back to the silver screen!

10 The Rock's Tattoos Have Significant Meaning

Dwayne Johnson has some serious ink swirling around his body, and all of that ink tells a story close to his heart. His tattoos tell the story of his life; of everything "important" to him and all that he is "passionate about." The great eye is meant to protect him from confrontation. His many swirls that travel down his body and extended through his arm represent his past, present, and future. The saying “It changes in the place where it is found to be gone” is written below the swirls. Lastly, the tat on his chest is there to remind him of his mighty warrior spirit. It is no coincidence that it is placed directly over his heart.

9 So Does The Ink On Momoa's Body

Jason Momoa also put lots of thought behind his body art. The prominent triangle patterns on his forearm are a nod to his Hawaiian family crest and signify the shark, which is their guardian. The tattoo is meant to offer protection to his body whenever he enters the sea. According to mythology, the shark immediately recognizes the person with the tribal tattoo as one of their own and leaves them be. He also has the words "Etre Toujours Ivre" on his forearm. This translates to: Be always drunk, and his stepdaughter Zoe Kravitz has a matching tat with her stepfather.

8 The Rock On SNL...

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While The Rock often plays the tough guy who saves the day in his movies, he has also had great success in the comedic realm appearing in films like Central Intelligence, Get Smart, The Other Guys, and Be Cool. Because of his ability to make fans giggle, he has been asked to host Saturday Night Live five times now. He even has "favorites" when it comes to his all-time most loved SNL sketches. Topping his list are classics like "New Disney Movie" and "WWE Promo Shoot." We hope that he keeps coming back and making us laugh because we do enjoy his softer, funnier side.

7 And Jason Momoa On SNL!

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Jason Momoa also made a recent appearance on Saturday Night Live poking fun at himself in some seriously hilarious sketches. His hosting gig included a risque Santa sketch, a new and improved scene with Cecily Strong’s recognizable character Gemma and a funny frat house scene. Viewers and fans had mixed reviews on whether Momoa hit the mark or fell flat finding his comedic stride, but he has plenty of time to perfect this part of his craft. Give him a few more years, and he will be slaying SNL just like his counterpart, Dwayne Johnson, did several times before him.

6 The Rock Doing Some Dad-ing

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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is a lot of things, but nothing brings him more joy than being a father to his three daughters. Johnson is a daddy to a 17-year-old daughter, Simone, from his first marriage to his college honey Dani Garcia. Although no longer together, Garcia continues to serve as her ex-husband's manager. He also had two little ladies with his longtime love Lauren. At first glance, it might seem like The Rock was made to father strapping sons, but he says that raising girls is more up his alley. He was raised by women and surrounded by women in his childhood, so fathering women seems like second nature.

5 Jason Momoa's Dad Life

Hunky Aquaman actor Jason Momoa also gets the majority of his happiness from playing the most significant role in his life, that of fatherhood. Momoa is not only a step-father to his wife's grown daughter, but he and his well-known actress wife, Lisa Bonet, have two biological children together. The longtime couple welcomed their daughter Lola Iolani into the world back in 2007 and then a son, Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha, in the following year. If there were an award to be given out for the Hollywood youngster with the longest name, it would most definitely be the son of these two celebrities.

4 The Rock Being A Top-Notch Partner

The Rock is a great father to his three beautiful daughters but is also a loving and attentive partner to his longtime love and mother of two of his three children. He publicly showered his lady with love and affection when she birthed their second daughter saying “It’s hard to express the new level of love, respect and admiration I have for @laurenhashianofficial and all mamas and women out there.” Johnson often keeps his work life and love life as separate as possible, but when he does speak of Lauren, you can tell that he genuinely loves her. He has nothing but respect for all of the women in his life.

3 Jason Momoa Adores His Wife

The female universe is wholly smitten with Jason Momoa, and he is smitten with his longtime love and wife, actress Lisa Bonet. It turned out Momoa had been in love with Bonet from the moment he saw her acting on her hit sitcom The Cosby Show. The two met via mutual friends many years later where a dreadlocked Momoa could barely keep his cool being in her presence. From that first moment on, the pair have been together ever since. There is little doubt that no matter what women throws herself at Aquaman, he will always only have eyes for his wife.

2 The Rock Strutting The Red Carpet

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Even though The Rock is best known for his tough guy roles on the silver screen, he can still wow the crowds with his charisma, his smile, and his incredibly on-point style. When you see The Rock walk the red carpet, he is forever the picture of dignity and finesse. The guy cannot look bad and seems always to give the perfect interview. Considering the fellow is one of the highest paid actors in all of Hollywood, it is no surprise that he can afford the ideal suits and most capable stylists. We always look forward to his red carpet moments come premiere night or red carpet season.

1 Jason Momoa Also Knows How To Shut Down A Red Carpet

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Let's be frank, shall we? Jason Momoa could wear a paper sack on the red carpet, and we would still lose our breath over how amazing he looks. No matter what sports jacket he is rocking, he is never without his dazzling smile and his dreamy gaze. He always stays true to his cool roots and mixes elegance with casual to achieve a red carpet look that makes us want to come back as a man's tee shirt in our next life. Please keep making movies Jason so that we can enjoy your films as well as your red carpet style.

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