B.C. Mom Is Appealing Her Murder Conviction For Smothering 8-Year-Old Daughter

Mothers are supposed to love and protect their children. Aside from taking care of them, it's the most important aspect of parenting. However, not all mothers do this. In too many cases, a mother will lose all those feelings of love and protection and destroy their child however possible. This may even go as far as murder.

A mom from British Columbia, Canada is now appealing her murder conviction for murdering her eight-year-old daughter. The name of the mom in question is Lisa Batstone,  and she's been convicted of killing her eight-year-old daughter, Teagan. Despite being recently convicted, it appears as though Lisa is already ready for another battle in court on the matter.

According to the Crown prosecutor, the murder took place on December 10th, 2014. Lisa allegedly smothered her little girl with a plastic bag while she slept. The Crown even played both audio and video recordings of Lisa claiming that she committed this terrible act so that Teagan would now "be with Jesus". Lisa also revealed that she killed Teagan while she was asleep because then she wouldn't suffer.

Lisa was promptly arrested for killing her daughter. She was found mentally fit to stand trial, where her defense lawyer presented arguments regarding her state of mind. The defense presented some evidence that called her mental state into question, as well as whether or not she was aware that murdering her daughter as "morally wrong".

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In the end, Lisa was found guilty of second-degree murder in Teagan's death. The Crown looked for a sentence of 16 to 18 years in jail. Their argument for this was that Lisa abused her position of trust to kill her own child, and has never taken responsibility for her actions. Meanwhile, the defense asked for the minimum- 10 years in jail.

When the sentence was carried out on September 3rd of this year, Justice Catherine Murray said that Lisa had managed to follow through with killing her daughter, yet couldn't carry out what was supposed to be her subsequent suicide. Judge Murray added that while Lisa likely suffered from anxiety, borderline personality disorder and depression, her mental health issues didn't mitigate her moral culpability. With that, Lisa was sentenced to life in prison with a chance of parole after 15 years.

Despite little time having passed since the sentencing, Lisa is now appealing both the guilty verdict and her life sentence. Her lawyers filed this notice of appeal, as confirmed by the B.C. Prosecution Service. With the appeal scheduled to take place on April 9th, 2020, it's too early to tell whether or not this appeal will be successful in Lisa's favour. We have several months to wait before the public gets an answer.

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