Beaches Resort Reveals Changes For Children On The Autism Spectrum

Beaches Resorts has revealed that their hotels will receive a designation from Advanced Certified Autism Center (ACAC).

According to Travel Pulse, the training for the certification will span throughout May and will focus strongly on their Entertainment, Watersports, and Kids Camp sections. This will be implemented across all three of the company's hotels; Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort, along with their two locations in Jamacia, Beaches Negril Resort and Beaches Ocho Rios Resort.

“We are proud to continue paving the way for families with individuals who have special needs, including children on the autism spectrum, to travel comfortably and truly live up to our tagline—the ‘Resorts for Everyone,’" says Sandals Resorts International's deputy chairman Adam Stewart.

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Via TripAdvisor

The changes coming will be wide-sweeping, but some of the biggest things parents will notice receive a pre-travel questionnaire that will pinpoint specific needs and access to special service teams. There will also be a Culinary Concierge program that will accommodate dietary needs, and there will even be access to quiet zones during louder hours of the day.

One of the most noticeable changes, however, will come to the Kids Camps and Entertainment areas. These sections will be changed and redecorated to make more sensory-friendly areas. To add to that, parents can request sensory friendly toys during check-in.

According to Autism Speaks, one in 59 kids are diagnosed with Autism, and that figure can be broken down more by gender. For boys, that statistic changes to one in 37, while girls is one in 151. Their figures also say that one-third of those with Autism are non-verbal.

There are a lot of other issues that go with it too. Over half of the children diagnosed with autism have chronic sleeping issues, and a third have epilepsy.

Planning a vacation with kids is hard enough as it is, but it gets tricky with a child on the spectrum. There are a number of things to keep in mind when booking a location, so for parents, Beaches Resorts will be a safe haven. In a lot of ways, they will have parents covered for specific instances, and it will really help everyone have a fun and relaxing vacation. So while this is a great business move, we have to commend this company for taking steps to make vacations even more inclusive!


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