10 Of The Most Beautiful Bohemian Baby Names

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Parents who love nature, art, and spiritual pursuits don’t want an ordinary name for their child. They want something that will show the world that their little one is being raised by a free-thinker. This collection is for those parents that like to think outside of the box.

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They see the world through a funky lens and want a name that stands apart from the rest. We’ve taken inspiration from artists, flowers, and animals to tap into a sense of adventure when it comes to picking out a name. Please enjoy this list of 10 of the most beautiful bohemian baby names.

10 Wren

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Wren is one of those cheerful names that would be so cute for a girl. We love that it’s inspired by a little songbird and think that it would suit a chipper baby. Nature names are very on-trend so this option manages to be current without being too mainstream.

It’s an English name that means bird. If you’re a free spirit hoping to give your daughter a creative name then this might be the perfect option. According to Names.org, this moniker reached it’s peak on the charts when 779 babies were born with the name Wren in 2017.

9 River

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If you have an affinity for water and want to give your son a name inspired by nature then you will love the name River. This bohemian-sounding name is just too dreamy to not add to this list. It’s a gender-neutral option but it somehow just seems suited for a little boy.

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We can’t help but think of the late actor, River Phoenix. Although, this one is just waiting for you to make it your own. It would also make a great option for a middle name. Calm, charming, and pure, River is one that you should add to your list, for sure.

8 Delphine

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Delphine is a chic name that has a certain level of sophistication that we adore. This dainty option is the more distinctive variation of Danielle. Parents who want to give their daughter a name inspired by the ocean will be attracted to this one.

It’s a French name that means dolphin. It’s also a type of a blue flower, so this one is double duty when it comes to being a nature name. Delphine has a lyrical quality to it that seems to roll off the tongue. We think any little girl given this moniker will love feeling so fancy and feminine.

7 Vincent

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We can’t make a bohemian baby name list without adding a tribute to the great artist, Vincent Van Gogh. His artwork included some of the most beautiful and influential paintings of all time. A little boy named Vincent will have many successes in life, for sure.

Vincent is a Latin name that means conquering. If you don’t feel like calling your son such a formal moniker then Vince would make a perfect nickname for this one. We love Vincent because it feels old fashioned, which gives it a timeless advantage. It’s one of those names that bucks the trends and stands on its own.

6 Lotus

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We just love flower names and think that Lotus is a stunning option for a little girl. The exotic flower is prominent in many religions so this one has a spiritual feel to it that makes it stand apart from other floral names. A fun nickname for this one would be “Lo”, which is so spunky.

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Lotus isn’t a name that you hear often so it’s just original enough for your daughter to feel special. It’s a Greek name that means lotus flower. Divine, pure, and enchanting, a little girl named Lotus will blossom into a beautiful young woman.

5 Forrest

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Forrest is one of those names that just feels earthy and outdoorsy. Nature-lovers will be attracted to this one because it’s organic without being too eccentric. If you’re hoping to give your son a name that will encourage him to connect with the world around him, then this one is for you.

The name Forrest is of English origin and it means dweller in the woods. This one entered the charts in the 1880s and last saw a surge in the mid-90s, which can more than likely be attributed to the 1994 release of the popular movie, Forrest Gump.

4 Poppy

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The name Poppy is just too upbeat to resist. We think that this would be so perfect for a little girl with bright, red hair. That would be the cutest thing, ever. This floral name is just quirky enough to keep it fresh and unique. Many parents overlook this moniker when thinking of flower names.

Poppy is a Latin name that means red flower. It saw a small bump on the charts recently thanks to the cheerful character from the movie, Trolls. Your little girl will definitely sing and dance her way through life if you name her Poppy.

3 Rebel

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Rebel is one of those names that the cool kids would pick for their son. Your little guy will be a nonconformist with a moniker like this one. It just seems to capture what the bohemian spirit was all about. It has a rockstar quality to it that would be hard to top.

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Of course, we can’t help but think of the actress, Rebel Wilson. It’s a unisex name but it would make an awesome name for a boy. Irreverent, bold, and edgy, the name Rebel hasn’t overtaken the charts yet so it’s just waiting for you to claim it.

2 Frida

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An artsy name that would be so lovely for a little girl is Frida. We’ve taken inspiration from the Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo. Her folk-style of painting combined her love of nature with her biting observations of society. Her passion lives on in her work.

A little girl named Frida would be so proud to be named after such a talented and fierce woman. It’s a German name that means peaceful. We love that it has such a tranquil meaning. Elegant, remarkable, and rare, Frida is one of those monikers that feels classic. You’d be wise to give your daughter this inspirational name.

1 Bear

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Animal-lovers will adore the name Bear for their son. It’s a masculine and powerful option for a little boy. We think that it sounds cute but will totally mature as your son ages, which is an added bonus. He will command attention everywhere he goes with a name like Bear.

It’s an English name that has gotten some notoriety as of late thanks to the television host, Bear Grylls. Adventurous, brave, and manly, Bear is one of those monikers that captures the spirit of the outdoors. Let your son feel connected to the wild and name him Bear.

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