Beautiful And Strong Mother Gives Birth To Her Sixth Baby At Home

A beautiful mother gave birth to her sixth child while at home as her 5 other daughters watched excitedly.

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Every labor is a beautiful thing. Bringing life into this world is easily one of the most rewarding moments in life that many women are blessed to experience.  Casey Teller had the wonderful experience to not only go through labor, but to do so with her 5 daughters watching. Teller is not a first time mom, so she knew what to expect with labor and delivery. She has also given birth to one other daughter at home. Teller decided that she really enjoyed the at-home birth experience and opted for another one with her sixth daughter.

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Teller really enjoyed her last home birth, but she wanted to make sure that she was able to remember every single moment of her labor. She hired a professional photographer to be able to capture every moment of her labor, her delivery, and the moments after her daughter was born. The photographer did an amazing job capturing every beautiful moment.

VIA Health.com

All of her beautiful daughters were also captured throughout the labor and were shown falling in love their new sweet little sister. The photos showed the entire process. Mom struggling through contractions, mom pushing baby through the birth canal, and then the sweet little girl curled up with mom with the umbilical cord still attached. Teller named her sweet daughter Tallulah Moon. She was born on Valentines Day and she weighed 6lbs 15 oz.

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The photographer was extremely excited to be part of the labor and she was so thrilled and honored that she was asked to be part of the experience. One of the things on her photography bucket list was to be able to capture a birth and so this was absolutely wonderful. The entire labor lasted two days and she tried to capture as many wonderful photos as she possibly could, so that Teller would be able to have these photographs for the rest of her life.

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