Become a "Cool" Mum by Throwing the Best Birthday Party

Thinking of the next great thing to do for your child’s birthday party is like trying to eat gluten-free, lactose-free pizza and liking it. But, you know that mom next door with the tighter yoga pants than you is going to be rocking her kid’s third birthday harder than you did your 21st. Luckily, it’s 2016 and we have Pinterest. These are some great ideas to help you throw the best (or at the very least a fun) birthday party for your kids. Repeat this Mean Girls mantra for extra clarity when planning: I’m not like a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.

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15 Try a ‘Glamping’ Sleepover

What was more fun than a sleepover? Especially your first sleepover with friends? Now, sleepovers consist of friends crashing in your guest bedroom after too many glasses of Pinot, shame that you needed to at this age, and a major headache the next day. When it comes to your children, sleepovers are the bees knees. Take it up a notch by putting them outside (while keeping the noise down in your own house so you can get some much-needed sleep) and watch them lose their minds at the idea of ‘camping’ in your backyard. Ouija boards, prank phone calls, Truth or Dare--your kids will have tons of fun but inside a tent where all the amenities are close by. Perfect!

14 Cupcake Stations, Anyone?

Cupcakes make the world go round. Throwing together a cupcake decorating station adds a little fun, a game, and dessert all on  one table! Grab some cheap artist palettes at your local dollar store or Walmart, and fill with icing and sprinkles, plopping a cupcake down in the middle. Delicious, cheap, easy and fun!

13 Have Some Creative Decorations

What’s better than fun decorations that are easy to make and cheap? This cool idea uses only paper and balloons, and will spruce up any party! Don’t feel like going over the top in themes but want a little extra? Try fun decorations to add to the party atmosphere, earning you brownie points with your kids and their friends.

12 Arrr, Mateys!

What’s better than a pirate themed birthday party? Not much else. Grab decorations, pirate-themed food (such as the pirate punch shown in photo.) No need to get crazy crafty. Just having the name pirate written somewhere will make your 6-year-old scream with joy. Go big with a fake pirate ship to play on, a pirate piñata, and games that require you to ‘walk the plank’. Johnny Depp in full Jack Sparrow get-up is optional.

11 Sweet Like a Watermelon

So cute! Such an easy idea to recreate, and a huge hit for any birthday party! Your daughter and her friends will love this simple but adorable party. The moms will be jealous of your decorating and coordinating ways. Keep the colors in line, serve a ‘watermelon’ cake or cupcakes and, of course, serve some real watermelon! Cute watermelon cushions are a must--perfect for spring and summer parties.

10 That Blast Came From the Death Star!

Don't forget to make your child’s baton when they hit these totally awesome piñatas you make for them! Your husband will be asking for his own Death Star piñata for his next birthday. This easy-to-make paper mache death star piñata is complete with a light saber baton to blow up that beastly ship and get that candy out! May the Force be with you…and your kid’s batting arm.

9 A Lego Birthday Party

All Lego obsessed husbands will rejoice when you bring up this idea at the dinner table. There are so many ways to celebrate using Lego, whether it’s cupcakes, balloons, decorations, Lego-filled goody bags, or games inspired by the fun block toy (such as a building competition).The easiest to use at a Lego-themed party? Marshmallow pops! The parents picking up their children after the few hours of freedom will be aghast when their child rolls up hopped up on adorable cones of sugar.

8 Disney’s Princess Party

Everyone wants to be a Disney Princess! Throw a themed party for your daughter's favorite princess and watch her and her friends, fall in love with magic and fairy tales all over again. It' s like a magical kingdom waiting for them to explore. Go full tilt with princess themed costumes, tiaras, magic wands, fairy dust, cupcakes or cake, specific goody bags, and games to be played.

7 Book Party

Alright, it sounds a little boring, however, it’s not! Throw a party themed like your child’s favorite book and watch their eyes light up as their most-loved characters come to life, letting them live their fantasies of their favorite book! Easy to do, easy to make, it’s a sure-fire way to have all those moms wondering just how to beat out the next party.

6 The Amazing Race

Scavenger hunts are great! Turn your child’s birthday party into a themed Amazing Race party! Super easy to do, and the kids will have a great time searching all over the house and yard for their next clue! Close-knit neighborhood? You can even take the race outside your house perimeters, letting them explore a little more.


5 Creatively Decorated Food Items

Making food fun gets any party going. A brownie bowl sundae? Well, that’s just the kicker to any birthday party. Everyone loves sundaes and brownies! Make the brownie bowls ahead of time, and add a sundae station to get the kids involved and having fun. Scoop out the ice cream for them and then let them decorate away!

4 An Out-Of-The-Box Photo Booth

Photo booths are tons of fun, so why not add one to your child’s next birthday party? A great way to ensure memories are photographed, and easy to make. Make a photo booth station for any kind of party, be it themed or not. You can add funny hats, glasses, signs or a ‘hot air balloon’ like this one!

3 One Minute Party Games

Because long games are sooo last year (probably due to the lack of concentration and patience from society). But trying out some fun party games that will only take a minute can keep the kids entertained in stations and your sanity in check. There are tons to check out including ones that include stacking, scooping, or even defying gravity. Check out the link for more great ideas.

2 Super-Hero Themed Parties

Go full-blown with costumes for everyone, decorations, or just cupcakes and cake. There’s always a themed cake at children’s birthday parties, right? You can even make up games that match to each superhero, or the specific one that your child is fond of. Bonus: have your husband or one of the dads dress-up as their favorite superhero and ‘visit’ the party. Perhaps they’ll see through the costume but it will still make for some great photo-ops!


1 Painting Fairy Houses

You can easily head to your nearest dollar store or Walmart and grab some bird houses from the crafting section. Set up tables with paint, glue, and glitter and let the kids get to work creating their own fairy houses! Bonus points to make the entire party fairy themed with fairy dust, wings, and wands for everyone.


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