Before I Had Kids I Thought I Was Going To Be A Much Different Mom

When I was growing up I knew I wanted to be a mother. In my mind, I was going to be the best mother in the entire world. I was never just going to say the word "no" and I was going to actually re-direct their behavior. I was never going say, "because I said so" because that doesn't help anybody. I was going to answer all of their "why" questions and encourage their curiosity. I was going to take them to a new place every single day and plan playdates. I was going to do a learning activity every day and television was only going to be educational. The only snacks in my house were going to be healthy and I was always going to drop what I was doing if they wanted me to read a book with them. My kids were always going to be matching and I would never look like a hot mess. My house would always be clean because apparently I was just going to be that amazing!

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Oh, sweet naive Nicole. You were a complete idiot! Currently, I am staring at 4 piles of clean laundry that need to be folded and put away. I am also looking at two laundry baskets full of dirty laundry that I am too lazy to bring down to the washer. Yesterday I had a family get-together and I purposely got paper plates so that I wouldn't have to do the dishes because let's be honest, they would have sat in the sink for a few days.

My children have so many "why" questions that I just can't possibly answer. They ask "why" to my answers. My kids get about three "why" questions answered and then they get a "because I said so." I don't have time right now to explain to my child how there are so many worms in the world and why we don't have worms in our house and what worms eat and how they eat and why they are brown and what is the color brown and how many brown animals are there in this world. The questions could on forever and sadly my patience does not! "Mom, why are worms brown." "Because."

I read a lot of books to my kids. I LOVE books! Our favorite books are Usborne books because they have so many different types of books and for all ages. We read a lot. However, there are sometimes that my kids want me to read a book right that second. Often they ask me when I am changing a poopy diaper, taking a shower, putting shoes on so we can leave the house, or while I am reading a book to another child. Then the kid gets mad that I won't read their book. My kids eat crackers and chips for snacks. Sometimes I put on some stupid Youtube show just to get 20 minutes of "me time." We can sometimes go a whole week without leaving the house other than school and church because I am just so tired.

I would love to say that I am the mom I thought that I was going to be before I had kids. However, that is not the case. Motherhood is a lot harder than I ever thought possible and so I am not perfect as I hoped I would always be as a mom.

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