Exclusive: A Beginner's Guide To Mom Meditation

A mom's job is to take care of everyone else in the family often putting herself last. One of the hardest parts of being a mom is remembering to care of yourself. Self-care and rest are extremely important in motherhood and meditation is a wonderful way to get there.

BabyGaga has exclusive tips from group support manager Chris Salter of Forest Healthcare based in the U.K. Forest Healthcare provides residential, nursing, and dementia care to over 600 resident being cared for by 900 employees. Salter's advice comes as guidance to women who have taken on the full-time job of raising kids to be good, kind, and functional human beings.

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Being a mom takes an incredible amount of selfless work. If anything goes wrong, it's moms fault. If someone's hungry, mom is told first. Mom has endured the sleepless nights (for many, many years), organizes the family schedule, takes care of the home, all while trying to balance a sense of self. Basically, its a lot and every mom reading this agrees.

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We aren't here to discount dads, we know they're also stressed and work hard but in a majority of households, these responsibilities are still expected to fall to the mothers. Of course, moms even enjoy doing all of these things but when it becomes one thing after another without a break in routine, it's exhausting.

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And that's where meditation comes in. The practice of focusing your mind to a single thought, object, or feeling with a goal of achieving clarity and finding a clear and stable mental state. With a difficult definition, it's easier to begin than one would imagine. The following tips will get you started on your journey to self-care and mindfulness.


When you simply begin consciously focusing on your breath, you're already meditating. Breathing is very important, if not the most important aspect of meditation. Focus on your breath feeling how it feels in different parts of your bodies. You may feel cooler, your breathing may flow easier or feel more forced. It can be uneven or steady. Find a calming pattern and always follow the 7-11 method of breathing. Breath in for seven seconds through your nose and exhale more slowly through your mouth for eleven seconds.

Just Let It Flow

As you practice more, the easier it will be to confront the emotions you may encounter in meditation. It will become easier over time and the self-reflection will help you enjoy yourself more. Move on from the past and focus on the positivity that can be in your life. Let go of stress and anxiety.

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Be Patient

Don't expect too much to happen at once. Meditation isn't a quick abrupt fix but more of a long term practice to health. Practicing meditation is a long term process that requires a deep inner connection in order to be successful. Many expect a quick fix and a huge life-changing moment. That isn't reality and won't happen. Meditation is a slow game and will take time to find what you like and what works for you.

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Keep Time

Set a timer so you know when to end a session. At first, you may worry about how long you've been meditating and worry it will throw you off schedule. You shouldn't feel anxious over when your time is ending and this will become easier over time. A timer will allow you to breathe, relax, and reflect with ease. Just make sure that your alarm is gentle, soothing, and quiet.

Meditation can be a useful tool for moms when managing all of the stress of running a family. When you're more relaxed, you'll even enjoy your kids more and the whole family will benefit.

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