Being Bombarded With Too Much Parenting Advice Will Only Stress You Out

Unsolicited parenting advice will just stress parents out even more!

Being a parent is really difficult. Not only is it very demanding it is hard because kids don't come with their own personal guide book. Each child is so different and you have to do things differently with each child. Every parent tries to do their best just to make sure that they are creating quality adults. As parents, you are already stressed out because you want to make sure that you are doing all of the right things, but then you have people from the outside who are constantly giving you advice about how to raise your children and it stresses you out even more!

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Everybody has an opinion on every aspect of your child. Things that you might not even think they would have an opinion on, they will. It will start when women become pregnant. The advice will start rolling in and almost all of it is unsolicited and often by strangers or people that you don't really know very well. You will be amazed at how many people will have an opinion about what you eat, how much exercise you participate in, what you should not eat, vitamins you should be taking and they will absolutely comment on your body. Right when you have the baby, everybody will know the right way to raise them. People will give you opinions about what diapers you should be using, whether you should vaccinate, if you are making the right decisions on food for your baby, and if you should be using a pacifier for your little one. With all of the advice and all of the comments, parents get more stressed out!

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Moms are particularly vulnerable to unsolicited advice. They are the ones getting most of the ridicule and given higher expectations to excel as a mother. Fathers get praised if they even put clothes on their own children, while mothers are shamed for putting their children in mismatched socks. Every mom is trying to be a super mom. They want to be able to do it all in order to avoid all of the criticism, but then even though she is doing everything she can, she is still getting shamed! Mom's could be trying to feed their children all the right things, keep them clean, provide the right amount of outdoor playtime and even encourage opportunities for them to be creative and somebody will still have something negative to say.

Every mom is made to feel guilty in some way. Stay-at-home moms are made to feel guilty for not "helping" their husbands out with the financial burden. People make working mom's feel guilty for leaving their children in the hands of a caregiver. Nobody is fully happy with a mother's choices and they will tell you all of the ways that you are falling short of their expectations. These haters that are full of advice can come from your mother, your mother-in-law, your grandmother, social media followers, and even the random lady at the supermarket. It's a tough world out there mom's, but we want to tell you ladies that you are doing an amazing job with your children!

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