Is It Safe To Eat A Vegan Diet While Pregnant?

Many people wonder if they can continue being vegan even when they are pregnant.

The amount of vegans have been soaring the last few years. More and more people are turning away from meats and leaning more towards a plant-based diet. Vegans stay away from animal products such as meat, butter, cheese, milk and eggs. Their diets usually consist of vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Many people who choose to follow this particular diet are often ridiculed for their diet choices, "how do you get your protein?" "Do you have to take supplements?" "Don't you feel weak all the time?" Women who become pregnant are often asked if they are going to stick to their vegan diets even though they are pregnant. Some may question whether it is healthy.

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Of course, you can stay on your vegan diet while you are pregnant. However, there are some things to be mindful of as a vegan. There are many things found in meats and other things that are not on the vegan diet that help contribute to a healthy baby, including, Protein, calcium, iron, vitamin B12 and vitamin D. It is important when somebody is following the Vegan diet that they make sure they are getting enough of all of these other nutrients as well!

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One woman shares her experience being a pregnant vegan. She said that she has been a vegan her entire life and so has her family! She said that her husband even eats a lot of vegan foods because that is what she cooks at home. She never has stood in the way of him and his diet, because she knows that this has been her choice and not his. She really likes how she feels being a vegan and has never had any health issues. However, ever since she became pregnant her husband has been bugging her about eating meat. She said that he keeps hinting at her to eat meat because the baby needs the meat. She is getting really frustrated because then she started stressing out about whether or not she was doing harm to her baby. Her husband made her believe she wasn't doing the best for her baby. She started asking around and thankfully everybody told her that her husband was "an idiot" and that she can certainly continue being a vegan throughout her pregnancy.

The two biggest concerns among pregnant vegan women is their lack of calcium and protein. However, there are tons of different foods that provide these nutrients that still adhere to the vegan diet. Most likely these women who have decided to be vegans are probably more health-conscious than the average person, so they are more than likely to know what foods offer them the nutrients they need for their young fetus. The funny thing about this entire debate is most people don't get enough of anything. Most people do not get enough fruits and vegetables that they need for a healthy diet. It is interesting to watch people who have terrible eating habits scrutinize over those who have chosen to be vegan, or vegetarian. Like, a person eating a Big Mac while asking a Vegan, "is that even healthy for your body?"

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