‘The Bachelor’s’ Bekah Martinez Says It's 'Hard' Going Back To College With A Young Baby

Bekah Martinez from The Bachelor shares that going back to school with a young baby is very difficult.

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Being a student is difficult. Being a mother is difficult. Mixing these two together can be quite overwhelming and extremely exhausting. The Bachelor's, Bekah Martinez shares her experience with being a student and having a young baby. Martinez shares that she is attending the University of California Irvine. She is hoping that this is the last first day of college ever. Martinez makes a comment that it has taken her 7 years up to this point to get her Bachelors's degree and she is ready to be done.

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Martinez says that that last time she was at school was when she was 5-months-pregnant and now she has an 8-month-old. She admits that having a young child compared to being pregnant is night and day and really hard. After a few weeks in school, she shares how she is doing with school. She said that it is "hard AF" and that it can get quite hectic and very chaotic. She admits that she misses her daughter Ruth terribly. She said that a lot of her classes require a lot of reading and she has a lot of assignments each night that keep her really busy. She said that she spends over six hours each week doing homework outside of classes.

Martinez gave birth to her first child in February. She shares her daughter with her boyfriend, Grayston Leonard. They named their daughter Ruth because it is the name of Grayston's grandmother. Bekah said that Ruth is also part of one of her biblical stories. She was very excited to name her daughter with something that has so much significance. Martinez has been going to school every chance she has got and she had to take some time off when she delivered her daughter. When her daughter was 8 months old she felt like it was time to go back to school and finally finish her degree. Good job Bekah you have some great dedication. You are such a good example for your daughter. She will learn that she can do hard things!

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