The Benefits Of Singing To Your Baby, According To Scientists

Singing to babies helps improve their concentration skills and it has proven to enhance the creative quotient and help develop imagination abilities. Furthermore, scientists believe listening to songs also results in increased neuroplasticity of the brain in babies. Infants develop the skill of memory formation when trying to remember the lyrics or the tune of songs.

Happiness inducing hormones like oxytocin and endorphins are released while singing. These hormones are also secreted during breastfeeding, labour, and birth. Thus it helps in developing trust, love, and keeps the parent connected with the baby. Singing is also a fantastic way of building a bond; singing positively impacts the parts of the brain that evokes empathy and social bonding.

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Since singing brings down one’s pulse rate and also increases the level of oxygen in the body, intuitive babies will get the vibe. They can comprehend the comfortable and relaxed state of their parents.

Dr. Anita Collins is an award-winning educator, researcher, and writer in the field of brain development and music learning.

In her book, The Lullaby Effect, she writes, "Most parents think of music as a way to help their children sleep or soothe their nerves when upset, but the truth is that every time you sing to your child, something incredibly important is happening."

She continues, "Singing is one of the most natural experiences to share with your children and now we know even more through scientific research about the power of music to assist in your child's cognitive and physical development."

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Dr. Anita also says, "As long as the singing voice changes pitch up and down, as long as it is at the right volume for the baby (not too loud) and it is coming from a person they feel comfortable and safe and synchronized with, then it works. Your baby thinks you are the greatest rock star there is when you are singing to them, so the key doesn't really matter."

The first sense that develops in a baby is that of hearing, and this happens as early as 16 weeks into conceiving. The baby prefers their parents’ voice over any other sound, so they are the best persons to be singing a lullaby to the babies.

As babies, they might not be able to utter the lyrics or hum the tune of a known song. But, many have noticed that babies can recognize their favourite songs.

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Singing is more interesting than learning words or a language, so one must not be surprised if a baby learns to sing even before they learn to talk. Singing helps develop communication skills. Through song, babies learn the art of combining independent words to form a sentence.

Researchers say you don't need to be a good singer. Even if you are not in tune while singing to the baby, it's okay. Your baby loves listening to your voice, and they are not the judge of American Idol!

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