10 Benefits Of Physical Contact With Your Infant

One of the most exciting parts of being a new parent is holding your new baby. There is just something about it when you are first able to look down at the child you carried in your womb that makes the whole pregnancy worth it and makes you melt on the spot.

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But what you might not know is they have physical contact with your infant has many benefits that can help your baby in this new world they are in. So keep reading to find out what benefits your baby experiences when you have regular physical contact with them.

10 Comforting

When you are provided physical contact with your infant baby you are helping to comfort them. Holding them close to your body where they can feel the warmth of your skin and feel your heartbeat is something for them since being born.

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Though nothing will make them feel as safe as they were in your womb being close to the heartbeat they got used to in your belly will be a sure way to comfort them at night. So make sure to grab your baby and hold them close so they feel comforted.

9 Get To Know Your Touch And Smell

Physical contact is the fastest way for your baby to start recognizing you as their parent. The more you hold your little one the more than are going to be able to recognize your touch and your smell.

It will even get to the point that when you are near them they are still going to be able to sense your natural scent making them feel more relaxed since you are next to them. Help your little one start to know their mother by providing physical contact with your newborn every day.

8 It Helps Them Sleep

Infants are known for three things: eating, sleeping, and crying. So you might be surprised to find out that physical contact can help a baby sleep. According to ScientificAmerican.com, having close physical contact with your baby will help them sleep better at night and get to sleep faster.

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This is due to them feeling comfortable and relaxed from the physical contact, making it easier for them to fall asleep and stay asleep. If you have a baby that is having a hard time sleeping try more physical contact to see if that helps.

7 Regulates Baby Body Temperature

One thing that parents need to keep a close eye on when they have a newborn is their baby's body temperature. LiveStrong.com mentions that there are also internal benefits that your baby has when they experience physical contact.

Having regular physical contact between you and your baby can help your little one regulate their body temperature. This is necessary since your baby is in a new strange wrong and it is a lot different than being inside your womb. Help keep your little one’s temperature okay with physical contact.

6 Helps Promote Breast Milk

Did you know that having physical contact with your baby can help you too? Think about it though your baby lived inside of you for nine months and your body knows you just had a baby. HuffPost.com states that when you have physical contact with your infant it can help promote your body to produce more breast milk for them to feed on.

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This is important if you are breastfeeding your baby since you want to supply them enough milk to help them grow to be strong and big.

5 Increases Blood Circulation

Blood circulation is important for everybody since it is the only thing that keeps our whole body’s alive and working. GreenChildMagazine.com reports that you can easily increase blood circulation for your infant when you provide physical contact.

This is since your body is providing warmth and comfort for your little one where they can just focus on growing and not have to worry about any dangers. Let your baby relax and focus on growing and developing now that they are born when you provide physical contact to increase blood circulation.

4 Reduces Stress

Once a baby is born they experience a lot of stress. This is because they are not used to being outside of the mother’s womb and everything is new to them. But experiencing too much stress isn’t good even for an infant.

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ScientificAmerican.com has shown that when a mother comforts their newborn baby with physical contact that it can help reduce any stress that the baby is feeling. Helping reduce stress for your baby is important so they can relax and feel comfortable in the new world they are in.

3 Can Ease A Baby’s Pain

Don’t you wish there was a magic touch to take away any pain that your baby is feeling? It’s natural for us mothers to want to make everything better if you see your little one in de-stress.

Even though you might not be able to solve all of your infant's pain, providing physical contact with your baby can ease some of the pain they are experiencing, according to HuffPost.com. Since there is something biological that you and your baby have together your body can make your little one feel better if they are in any pain.

2 Strengthens Immune System

Seeing your child sick is one of the worst feelings as a parent. And if there is something you can do to help them never get sick again you would. Sure you are not going to make your kids invincible, but you can help strengthen their immune systems while they are still an infant.

GreenChildMagazine.com states that parents can strengthen their infant's immune system through physical contact. And a strong immune system is one of the most important aspects of a baby can have since it wards off any viruses.

1 Helps Build A Connection Between You Two

Bonding with your child is important within the first month they are alive. You want your baby to feel safe around you and have them know you are there to look after and provide for them.

Physical contact can help build a strong connection between you and your infant since babies communicate through touch and crying. This will be great since they are going to trust you more and want to be around you. They will also know you are going to be the one to come and get them if they are upset.

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