10 Benefits Of Water Exercise When Pregnant

Wanting to stay active during pregnancy is something that crosses many women's minds, but many do not know what exercises are safe for them and their developing baby. Since many people think about going to the gym or running for exercise it skips many women's minds that water exercise can be great during pregnancy.

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Water exercise has many great benefits for pregnant women and can still provide a great workout. Get in your bathing suit and head to the closest pool for you to get your work out in even while pregnant. And keep reading to discover ten benefits of water exercise when you are expecting!

10 Can Meet Other Expecting Moms-To-Be

If you are going to a water class for expecting Moms you are going to be able to meet other mothers before your baby arrives. Making friends with people who are experiencing similar situations as you will allow you to talk to someone who knows what you are going through.

Even after the babies are born you can still meet up with your friends so you can have adult contact after the baby arrives. Don’t just enjoy being in a pool working out, make sure you are being social and making friends too.

9 Decreased Risk Of Gestational Diabetes

Working out can be difficult any day, let alone when you are pregnant. But if you are working out in the pool there can be benefits for you and your baby. According to PennMedicine.org, even if a mom-to-be exercises at least 30 minutes every day she will be less of a risk to become gestational diabetes during the pregnancy.

This is because you are staying active and are not just sitting down throughout your whole pregnancy. So do the best thing for you and your baby and start during water exercise.

8 Reduce Swelling In Legs

When you are pregnant your legs and ankles are known for swelling due to your baby restricting some of the blood flow to your lower half. HydroWorx.com reported that water exercise can help expecting women to reduce any swellings they have in their legs from the pressure of the baby.

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Since water is very soothing for our bodies when you are in it, it is helping blood flow to your lower half. Give your legs a break and head to the pool to help your body feel like it again.

7 Helps You Sleep Better

Unfortunately, many women experience sleepless nights when they are pregnant. They find that their little one is just wide awake and has no plans of slowing down. AmericanPregnancy.org mentions that working out, especially in water, can help women sleep better at night.

This can be due to your body getting out any excess energy while working out and water exercise can make even the best athlete tired after all of that resistance. Get a good night's rest light you’ve been wishing for when you get a workout in the pool beforehand.

6 Can Avoid Getting Swollen Knees

Sometimes when you are pregnant you can feel like a balloon due to your belly and your swallowing and the last thing you want to do is put on a bathing suit. But if you do end up going for a dip in the pool you will see that being in the water is going to release the pressure your body has been feeling.

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OnlyMyHealth.com states that water exercise is one of the best exercises you can do while expecting since it can help with swollen knees and get them back down (or close to) their typical size.

5 Reduce Back Pain

Since your baby is in your womb, which is in front of you, you can tend to feel a lot of back pain when you are pregnant. Being pregnant means that you are trying your best to not use any medicine to help you develop a strong healthy baby.

And no matter how many heating pads you use it never seas to help when it comes to back pain. But being in the pool and swimming can really help women reduce back pain during pregnancy, according to PennMedicine.org. So feel as light as a feather is take a dip in the pool.

4 Keep You Cool

It seems like no matter what you do when you're expecting you are always hot and since your body, basically, turns into an incubator for your little one it can be a rough nine months. A great way to keep you cool while you are pregnant is to go swimming and spend time in a pool.

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The pool water is going to instantly cool you down the moment you get in making you never want to get out. Even though there are great exercises that you can do in the pool when pregnant, sometimes you just need to relax.

3 Help Control Pregnancy Body

There is no doubt that when you are pregnant you are growing to grow and this is not a bad thing! It just means that your baby is getting bigger and stronger as he develops in the womb. But if you choose not to exercise and eat whatever you want then you are not going to be feeling or looking your best.

But if you are looking for an exercise you will enjoy and help keep you in shape then take up a water exercise class. You will be sure to keep toned and get back to your old self fast.

2 Reduce Morning Sickness

Do you deal with morning sickness? You are not alone, but sometimes it can feel too much to handle making you crawl back into bed. But there is something that can help relieve your morning sickness. WhatToExpect.com has states that many women how to participate in water exercise regularly while pregnant overall feel less morning sickness due to it.

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This is because of the cool water being around a woman's body you feel less nauseous overall. So get up early to head to the pool and you are sure to feel great throughout the day.

1 Low Impact

Many women stop working out during their pregnancy since going to the gym can put a lot of stress on their lower halves joints and muscles. AquaStrenght.com reported that due to being in the water while you are working out you are putting less pressure on your knees, legs, and ankles making this a low impact workout.

Enjoy the buoyancy of the water where you can finally move around freely like you are not pregnant with a nice swim. Stay fit and cool off with water exercises during your pregnancy.

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