Soccer Player Benik Afobe's 2-Year-Old Daughter Passed Away From "Severe Infection"

Soccer player Benik Afobe revealed over the weekend that his two-year-old daughter Amora tragically passed away on Friday night.

When people find out that they are about to become parents, they fear any number of things. Whether they'll be a good mom and dad, have enough money to support another human life, and whether their children will be healthy and happy. Once they arrive, those fears remain and are added to courtesy of a number of other worries.

The biggest fear of all is that something will happen to their child which results in them losing their son or daughter. It's something unfathomable for most of us, and something no one would wish on their worst enemy. Tragically, soccer star Benik Afobe and his partner Lois were faced with that reality this past Friday when their daughter Amora passed away.

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Afobe released a statement revealing the news to the world over the weekend via The Times' Henry Winter. The statement reveals that Amora was taken to hospital on Friday night to treat a severe infection that happened unexpectedly. Despite doctors at the hospital doing everything they could to save Amora, she passed away later that evening "with the love of her family by her side."

Tributes and condolences have been pouring in from all other the soccer world since the statement was posted on Twitter over the weekend. Jack Wilshere and Dele Alli, who have both played with Afobe, tweeted messages showing their support for their friend and his family. Clubs who Afobe has played for including Arsenal, Wolverhampton Wanderers, and Bristol City also shared messages of support.

Not only those players and clubs, but individuals and teams Afobe has no connection to have also been sending their condolences to the player and his family. It's times like these that should make everyone realize what is really important in life. There's nothing anyone can really do to help Afobe and his family feel better during what will have been the worst few days of their lives, but at least they'll know how many people are thinking of them and are here to support them at this time.

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