10 Amazing Moments You’ll Experience During Pregnancy

Finding out you are pregnant is one of the most exciting moments of your life. It doesn't matter if your baby is a surprise or if you are trying to have a baby, seeing a plus sign on a pregnancy test can bring anyone to joyful tears. But that amazing moment of finding out you are pregnant doesn’t just stop there. There are also several wonderful experiences you will get to experience throughout your whole pregnancy So make sure you buy a pregnancy journal so you can write down all of these special moments. And keep reading to find out ten amazing moments you will have when while you are pregnant.

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10 Telling Your Partner

Once you find out you are pregnant you are going to want to tell your partner. This can be exciting since you can tell them in a fun creative way, like getting them a mug that says “world’s greatest dad” or you can sit down with him and tell him over a nice romantic dinner.

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Either way, we know your partner is going to be excited about the bundle of joy you two made together. No matter how you tell your partner, we know they are going to remember the moment they found out their life is changing forever.

9 Seeing The First Ultrasound

After waiting what can feel like forever, you finally have your first ultrasound and you can see your baby growing inside of you. The first ultrasound is emotional for both you and your partner when you can lay eyes on your baby. The best part is when they print out a picture of the ultrasound and you have your baby’s first picture! Though the picture will not look like them when they are born it is nice to see where your baby started out as a little one in your belly.

8 Sharing The News With Family

After you share the news with your partner and you made it safely out of the first trimester you are in the clear to start telling the family. Telling your family that you are expecting a baby is a joyful moment when your parents realize they are going to be grandparents.

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Seeing the joy in your family’s eyes as they learn about the new addition to the family is one you will always remember. So let your family celebrate and take pictures when you tell them about the baby on the way!

7 Buying Your First Baby Items

If you are having your first baby you are going to have to buy everything for them. From the crib to diapers you are going to have a long shopping list. Even though you can feel overwhelmed by all of the items you need to purchase, the very first item you buy for your baby is going to be special. This can be a spur of the moment decision to buy a onesie or even a stuffed animal, but you know that once your little one is born that time you bought for them is going to be with it.

6 Seeing Your Belly Grow

During your pregnancy, your baby is going to develop and get bigger. While your baby is getting bigger so is your belly. Seeing your belly grow is a surreal feeling since you know it's because of your little one.

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We know that even before your belly starts showing you are constantly looking and seeing the size of it wondering if it just grows a small amount overnight. So once you finally start showing you are going to feel like a new woman as you carry your baby throughout the rest of the pregnancy.

5 Finding Out The Sex

As your baby develops more you can find out the sex of your little one. Though some parents do not wish to know, overall expecting parents want to know the sex of the baby. Finding out the sex makes all of your wishing and wondering stop as you can now start to picture what your little one will be like. Whether you are having a little girl or boy you are now able to plan out painting their nursery, planning baby names, and buying adorable, little baby clothes.

4 Having A Baby Shower

Everyone loves a party and a baby shower is great for creating memories before the baby arrives. Baby showers are great since people come just to shower you and your baby with love. Having a baby shower allows you to see all of your friends and family at one time before the baby arrives.

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Baby showers are filled with positive energy as everyone is wishing for the best for you and your growing family. So during your baby shower make sure to take a moment and enjoy all the love around the room for you and your little one.

3 Finding Out The Due Date

Once you find out you are pregnant the next thought that many women have is “when am I due?” This is a great question since you want to be prepared and get everything you need before your little one arrives. Hearing the doctor tell you the expected due date is a weird feeling, since once you find out the date it can feel like both forever away and right around the corner. But the best part about finding out the due date is knowing when you will be able to see your little one.

2 Feeling Their First Kick

Your baby is getting bigger every day. Once your baby develops more you can feel have its first kick. Feeling their first kick is a weird, but magical moment. It feels weird since you are now feeling your little one as they grow inside of you.

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But it is also magical since you will finally be able to start bonding with your baby and it will make your pregnancy feel real. Be prepared for their first kick, since most of the time it will be when you least expect it!

1 Hearing The Heartbeat At The Doctors

Going to the ultrasound appointments is exciting since you are hearing something new about your baby each time. During your first ultrasound appointment, you are going to be able to hear your little one's heartbeat. Hearing the heartbeat is one of the most exciting and amazing moments during your pregnancy. It is the first time you can get any glimpse of your little one. So get ready to listen to the little pitter-patters of a heartbeat when you go to your first ultrasound appointment for your baby.

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