Three Times Fun: Best Baby Names For Triplets

Parenting triplets will be an adventure and a challenge for a lifetime. But so is naming three babies at once! Perhaps you had one favorite name in mind, but now that you're giving birth to three babies at the same time, you want all three names to have a nice cadence to them.

When naming triplets, there are a few strategies you can take. Consider picking three names that rhyme or use alliteration. If you're a pop culture or history fan, you can channel famous trios for naming your babies. To help you get inspired, we've compiled a list of names for your triplets that work great together. Throughout the article we reference some names as being among the most popular for 2018 and for that, we refer to this list from Nameberry.

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10 Liam, Logan, and Lucas

Starting each name off with the same letter helps each child's name roll off your tongue. The combination of Liam, Logan, and Lucas has a great ring to it if you're having three boys.

Liam hails from Irish descent, Logan is Scottish, and Lucas has Greek origins. On their own, each name is rising in popularity and well-loved among new parents.

9 Elizabeth, Eleanor, and Emma

Choosing a trio of names like these three will help your little ladies exude regalness from the day they are born. Each of your three daughters will have fun meanings to each of their names. Elizabeth, yes like the current Queen of England, means "pledged to God." Eleanor means "bright, shining one" in Greek. Emma means "universal" in German.

These three girls' names all rank high on the popularity list for girls. Emma came in first as the most popular girl's name in 2018. Elizabeth ranked 13th and Eleanor was 32nd.

8 Jon, Brandon, and Robb

Your triplets are coming. For Game of Thrones lovers, naming your sons Jon, Brandon, and Robb is a fitting tribute to the epic show that ended earlier this year. Think of how much it will be when the boys are older and you can re-watch the series that helped inspire their namesake.

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The good news is all of these names are classic choices and stand alone as solid name selections, so only true GOT fans will understand the tribute you paid. Specifically for your new son Robb, the spelling of this name with the extra "b" is up 23 percent from last year.

7 Meredith, Lexie, Maggie

Grey's Anatomy lovers can channel Meredith and her biological sisters for name inspiration. The show's title character Meredith and her two younger sisters, Lexie and Maggie struggled to form a bond at first, but later became inseparable and strongly bonded.

If you're looking for nicknames, Meredith can go by "Mere." Lexie is technically short for "Alexandra," so you and your partner can decide which you want on the birth certificate. Maggie is also short for "Margaret." If you hate one of these characters but love the Grey's theme, on the show, Meredith technically also has a sister Molly and her sister in law is named Amelia.

6 Jack, Kate, and Sawyer

This TV-series trio set of names is for parents having mixed gendered triplets. Jack, Kate, and Sawyer from ABC's Lost had a love triangle on the show, but in your home, they'll just be fighting over whose toys are whose.

Each of these names are strong individually, as well. Jack is ranked the 28th most popular name from 2018 and means "God is gracious." Sawyer is ranked 99th and means "woodcutter." For your little girl, Kate is a traditional name that fell in the rankings lately to 285th. Kate means "pure."

5 John, James, and Jessica

If you're more of a fan of alliteration than naming your kids after characters, John, James, and Julia make great selections for two boys and a girl. If you're looking for names with ties to Hebrew origins, these three easily achieve that.

John, which means "God is gracious," is the 27th most popular boy's name. James is the fourth most popular name for boys and means "supplanter." For your daughter, Jessica is ranked 312th of most popular names but was the most popular name for girls in the 1980s and 1990s. Jessica means "gift" or "God beholds."

4 Kevin, Katelyn, and Kaleigh

For Irish parents or those who love Irish names, having two girls and a boy select the names Kevin, Katelyn, and Kaleigh. These three names each have Irish meanings, have two syllables, and start with the letter "K."

For your son, choosing the name Kevin, which means "handsome," should help give him a nice confidence boost early in life. Kevin was in the Top 100 boys' names from the mid-1940s until 2017, when it dropped to 125th. For your girls, Katelyn (which can be spelled many ways), means "pure" and is ranked 501st among most popular names. Kaleigh means "beautiful, lovely" and is ranked 2,073rd.

3 Meghan, Catherine, William

For Royal enthusiasts and watchers, you can name your triplets after the Royal Family. The newest and most buzzed-about member, the Duchess of Sussex has formally known as Meghan Markle. The future Queen of England, the Duchess of Cambridge was born Catherine Middleton. The future king himself is Prince William, Catherine's husband the Duke of Cambridge.

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Some other royal names to consider if you want to swap any of these three out: George, Charlotte, Harry, Elizabeth, Phillip, Louis, Anne, and Archie. Almost all of the Royal names have a long line of tradition and heritage that you can pass down to your little ones.

2 Kennedy, Reagan, Madison

If American presidents are more your thing, you can name your triplets after John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, and James Madison. Kennedy and Reagan have the added bonus of being more gender-neutral names, sot his combination can work for girls and boys. While Madison is a Presidential surname, in this case, it's more commonly given to baby girls now.

These three names paired together will give your children a feeling of prestige, and they have a nice cadence to them when said together. Some other presidential name ideas based off of surnames include: Carter, Jackson, Lincoln, Pierce, and Taylor.

1 Cory, Charlie, and Cameron

Regardless of the sex of your babies, perhaps you prefer to go with gender-neutral name selections. Cory, Charlie, and Cameron have rising popularity as solid names for both sexes. Since they all start with "C" there's a nice ring to them. Charlie actually ranks first as the most popular gender-neutral name.

Cory was a more popular name in the 1990s, and now ranks as the 904th most popular boy's name. Cameron is the 504th most popular girl's name, but the 69th most popular boy's name. While Charlie ranks high in the gender-neutral category, it is the 218th most popular boy's name and the 152nd girl's name.

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