Best Shoes Under $20 For Growing Babies

Having a baby can be real heckin' expensive! One of my least favorite baby expenses with kids is buying shoes. For now, my kids aren't too picky about their shoes. I can get away with having just a few pair for each of them. And yes, I'll invest in a nice pair if they're going to be worn daily! But even when they're worn on the regular, baby shoes only get so much wear and tear before retiring. After all, babies grow more in their first year than they do at any other point in their life! In a quest to make parenting little kids more accessible, I've hunted down the best baby shoes under $20! When you little one outgrows these puppies, you can just buy the next size up and keep the shoe-love going.

Best Shoes For Babies Who Don't Walk Yet

Mocassins are great for kids who don't walk yet - and indoor play for kids who do! Via Pinterest

The key to shoes that work well for pre-walkers is having shoes that stay on baby feet no matter their kicking! Yalion baby mocassins come in a variety of colors and designs. The key to having a safe shoe for baby that crawl is the soft bottom sole. Elastic at the ankle keeps the mocassins securely on the feet and makes dressing easy. Well, as easy as dressing a wriggling baby can be!

Best Cold Weather Boots

Keep those toes warm during winter! Via The Bump

When it comes to snow, sleet, and ice, it's most important to keep little toes warm and dry. These HOBIBEAR snow boots are waterproof, lined with fur to stay warm, and guaranteed to keep snow out of your kiddo's socks! With four cute color options, this boot will easily coordinate with your kiddo's wardrobe.

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Best Warm Weather Shoes

I'm breaking this down into two categories: flip-flops and sandals. Flip flops are precarious with little kids. I'd argue that your baby ought to be more of a toddler - sure on their feet - before you put them in a pair of flip-flops. Even still, they'll need a heel strap to keep the shoes on. Carter's has perfect tiny flip flops for only $6 each - and that's the regular price, not the sale price! With a design for every outfit, your tot can live in flip flops all summer long just like you do.

Babies need these cute sandals! They go with everything. Via BellaBoo

Sandals are a little less tricky. My personal favorite style for warm weather shoes is the fisherman sandal. It has room and openings to allow the foot to breathe, while having enough structure to keep it securely on the foot. It's also great at keeping little rocks and pebbles out of your kid's shoes while they play. Check out Target's Cat & Jack line for great, colorful options for every kid - I counted more than a dozen fisherman-style sandals under $20!

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Best Sneakers For Active Toddlers

I don't know about your toddler, but mine is super active and won't sit still. Truly, this kid needs something sturdy and reliable to wear on a daily basis. I usually opt for sneakers - they help him run safely, work in most weather, and provide loads of comfort. Plus, he's less likely to kick them off when he's riding in his car seat. Unfortunately, the most expensive baby products - at least in terms of shoes - are sneakers.

Baby shoes don't have to break the bank! Via Today's Parent

Maybe sneaker companies think your baby has a special interest in starting a sneaker collection at 2 years old. I keep finding options in the $40 range. That might work for me if my kid didn't outgrow them in a matter of weeks. Amazon to the rescue! I found the best variety and ease-of-use in the COODO Toddler Sneaker. With stretchy laces and a velcro closure, this shoe is a breeze to wear every day. Plus, at this price point, you really can start that sneaker collection!

Yes, babies can be expensive - but they don't have to be! With a little extra legwork, it's possible to find an option that fits your budget. If none of these work for you, consider trying your local buy/sell/trade pages. Preloved baby gear is a great way to save a bit of cash - and your baby can look cute while you do it!


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