10 Of The Best Compliments You Can Receive When Pregnant

A good and kind word spoken at the right time can make all the difference to a pregnant woman. When you are pregnant, you need to know you are supported, and kind words will help to achieve this.

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While many careless words might be spoken to a pregnant woman, there are beautiful expressions of care and support which others can use to uplift even the dullest day, during the long journey of pregnancy. Here are 10 of the best complements an expecting mom can receive while pregnant:

10 'You look fabulous!'

Who doesn't want to hear they look great. Pregnant women can feel out of sorts at times and it's not just that they want to hear they look good out of vanity - they want to hear they still resemble a respectable human being and still have it all together.

Through others' eyes, that is. Being told you are looking fabulous makes you feel just that much more like a functioning, reasonable human being - even when you don't feel like you are one!

9 'You are carrying so well'

Pregnant woman might feel like they aren't living up to the idea that they had before conception, and like they aren't quite making the cut. For a pregnant woman, being told you are carrying well, is like saying to an employee, 'You are doing the job well', or to your mother-in-law, 'I love this pie you baked'.

It just reassures someone who is undertaking an extraordinary, taxing journey that they are on track and will make it!

8 'I have never seen you looking so beautiful'

When you have woken up and tried to put on your favorite dress and it no longer fits, you will want to hear others say that you are still beautiful.

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The changes happening to your body and fluxes in hormonal levels will make you feel very out of sorts at times, and as your bump grows, you might feel heavy and ugly - maybe looking in the mirror and seeing how much you have changed in the past few months can even be a tad overwhelming. Hearing someone reassure you that you are still you - still beautiful - is a huge compliment for a pregnant woman.

7 'You are going to have the most beautiful little baby'

From when you first get a hint that you are going to be a mom, you already believe your baby is going to be number 1 baby in the whole world. This belief carries through into motherhood. It is evident when seeing a group of moms sharing photos of their kids.

It goes to say then that complimenting a pregnant woman on her unborn baby will uplift her entire day. Yes, she agrees, her kid will be the most beautiful human ever created - and how dare anyone suggest anything else.

6 'Let me know what you need and how I can assist'

Letting someone who is pregnant know you are an ear to listen to or a source of support is a great way to help the expectant mom along during her journey. This should be said with sincerity, and not as a condescending remark when you see her struggling to fit through a door or to get into a driver's seat.

Every person needs to feel loved and supported and this need doesn't change now that a person is pregnant. This is a compliment in that it suggests you love her, but also that she isn't alone on her journey.

5 'I can't wait to meet him (or her)'

When you say this to a pregnant woman, you show her that you can appreciate the excitement she feels in her heart about meeting her child for the first time. Most of her thoughts are consumed by the pregnancy and knowing you 'get her' will help her to feel more grounded.

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To really connect with a pregnant woman, talk about her baby and how you believe he anticipation is valid because she is preparing to meet a beautiful child who is beautiful just like Mommy.

4 'I know you're going to be the best mom ever'

When you are anxious about what kind of mother you will be, reassurance that you will do the job well is something which will uplift your day and help to alleviate unfounded stresses about your capabilities, in terms of motherhood. This compliment should be sincere but also include reasons for the compliment.

For example, 'I know you are going to be the best mom ever because you have such a kind and compassionate heart, and you are such a fun, adventurous person who any kid would love.'

3 'You've done a great job staying on top of everything'

A compliment that acknowledges she has done a great job, despite everything she has had to go through in her pregnancy journey, will uplift any pregnant woman's day.

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Remember, she feels vulnerable, emotional, anxious, and different and these words will not just reassure her that she's got this, but will encourage her that you see her struggles and understand it's a difficult path but she is handling it all in a commendable way.

2 'You make a beautiful pregnant woman'

This is slightly different to telling a pregnant woman she is beautiful. Saying to a pregnant woman, 'You make a beautiful pregnant woman', is like saying to a bride, 'You make a beautiful bride'. Essentially, it is telling her that pregnancy suits her.

She carries well, it brings out the beauty in her, she has never looked lovelier or better. A lot of first time moms can spend their pregnancy worrying that they are going to be the worst mother ever. So letting them know that this suits them can really help their confidence on the whole matter. Who wouldn't want to hear this?

1 'You have never been more desirable'

Pregnant woman are often very desirable to their husbands/partners, however, they might doubt this. With all of the less ideal symptoms that come along with pregnancy, they might feel out of sorts with their body and that this process has taken a toll on their physical allure. This is why this is a great compliment.

It lets a woman know she hasn't lost the essence of her attractiveness and that she still has what it takes to be a femme fatale. Even though physical beauty is not the most important thing in the world, when you are feeling rubbish, a nice compliment on your appearance can really make the difference.

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