The Best 9 Dry Shampoos Ranked

It's an open secret - moms don't get to take showers. Ok, maybe moms of older kids can find time to squeeze in a nice warm bath from time to time. But those of us with little ones, toddlers and babies? Ha! Let's be honest. Even if you work outside the home, chances are you're not showering every day. That's okay, it doesn't mean you're unclean! When you want to look and feel refreshed - but don't have the time for a shower - dry shampoo is your friend. I'm convinced dry shampoo is actually the greatest mom lifehack of the 21st century. It absorbs oil and sweat in unwashed hair, scents your tresses to give off a fresh-and-clean vibe, and adds texture to clean hair.

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Before this gets all judgy, let's check the facts: hair and skin are happier when they are left unwashed for a time. Natural oils make your hair soft and strong. Healthy skin creates a balanced acid mantle, a layer of natural oils that protect the skin and keep it happy. If part of adulting is establishing a serious skin-care regiment, then perhaps the other part is embracing unwashed hair. Am I seriously making an argument for skipping a shower? You bet I am! I'm not about that mom-shame game and I fully recognize how difficult it can be to make time for yourself as a mom. Without further ado: the best dry shampoos for busy moms like you!

1) Living Proof Perfect Hair Day

Far and away, Living Proof's Perfect Hair Day dry shampoo is the industry's cult favorite. At $24 for 4 ounces, it's not the cheapest option. Here's what makes this dry shampoo so loved: it contains a proprietary molecule that traps dirt and oil and then removes it from the hair. Yes, it actually CLEANS your dirty hair!

2) Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo

Amika's vegetarian-friendly, cruelty-free formula has some seriously raving fans! The spray never leaves a white powder residue and has a scent to die for. Because it uses rice starch instead of talc, it doesn't make hair feel like straw. Protip: blow-dry your hair after applying for serious volume!

3) Ouai Dry Shampoo

Ouai is the favorite of Instagram hair models for good reason! The volcanic mineral formula gives just enough texture without making hair feel dry and sad. The best part? This stuff smells AMAZING!!! You might start skipping washes just so your head can radiate bergamot, lily, cedarwood, and amber.

4) LUSH No Drought

Try dusting your brush instead of your head. Via 100% Pure

I'm ranking this list so LUSH's powder dry shampoo ranks pretty darn high for several reasons. The grapefruit scent is refreshing and invigorating and the powder is extremely effective at absorbing hair oils. Protip: dust your hairbrush with No Drought instead of sprinkling it directly on your air.

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5) Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo

Yes, that Drybar! This is one of their first products and is designed to extend the life of your Drybar blowout. Rice powder absorbs oil AND adds volume at the root. Detox also includes a moisturizing ingredient to avoid that straw-feel that some dry shampoos can leave behind.

6) Batiste

Classic Batiste is always a reliable option, and easy to find at any drugstore or supermarket. The Batiste line offers dark-hair options as well as a variety of different scents. It probably deserves a high rank than 6th, if I'm being honest, purely because it works extremely well and it still accessibly priced.

7) Not Your Mother's Dry Shampoo

I love NYM's Clean Freak Dry Shampoo! It's a pretty close tie to Batiste in terms of effectiveness. If we're talking about the scent, NYM beats out Batiste hands-down. You'll smell great and look even better!

8) Aveda Shampure

Aveda products are a hit with the crunchy crowd for good reason! Shampure's formula uses a sort of "powder puff" effect to distribute to your roots. I love the scent, but I find it's better at texturizing hair than at absorbing oil.

9) Dove Dry Shampoo

Dove's dry shampoo is a fine option but comes in at the bottom of this ranking. While it's nicely scented, I find it's not super effective at absorbing oil. This one is probably more suitable for adding a bit of texture to clean hair.

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Dry shampoo is the best investment a busy mom can make in her appearance. It's easy to look pulled together when you haven't washed your hair - just find the right product for your hair and stock up! Mom life hack: dry shampoo ALSO works great on toddlers! No shame in my busy mom game.

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