Things To Consider About Exercise While Pregnant

When you're pregnant, your energy is zapped which makes you feel sluggish. Although it may seem like the last thing you'd want to do, getting some exercise will refresh your spirit and energize your body. The key is finding the right routine for your changing needs.

Cardio is essential for your health. There are several advantages to keeping up an exercise routine while you're pregnant. No matter how counter-intuitive it may seem at the moment, getting your heart pumping and your blood moving through your body will increase your overall energy and make you feel better.

Keeping up an exercise routine will help digestion. This process is slowed down during pregnancy so that your body can better absorb the nutrients in your food. However, this contributes to bloating, indigestion, and even vomiting. Getting your blood pumping will speed digestion and relieve those uncomfortable symptoms.

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Regular exercise will help keep your muscles in shape. A strong body makes for an easier labor and a faster recovery. Labor takes a huge toll on your body, so you actually want to think of yourself as "training" for it throughout the preceding nine months. Your strength will even help you support the best labor positions and keep your pain to a minimum. Last but not least, keeping in shape will help you get your body back after birth – a definite boost to your confidence!

Exercise can be difficult to do when you're pregnant because you're getting used to your new limits. The first tip for this is to stick to what you know. It's best to rely on the muscle memory you've already developed.

Choose exercises that are appropriate and safe during pregnancy. This means low-impact movements where you can pace yourself. You should avoid exercises, where falling or being hit by an object, are a risk.

You will need to recognize that your current stamina is probably lower than what you're normally used to. In addition, this will change as you move through the trimesters. Some women are practically incapacitated during the first trimester, while others feel just like their normal selves. The second trimester can be a time of renewed energy, or it can be a time where you become increasingly fatigued. During the third trimester, your body may be the biggest obstacle to your movement whether you have the energy or not. Everyone is different when it comes to this, but everyone will be going through physical changes that affect their stamina.

Pay careful attention to what your body tells you. This is actually more important than trying to strictly follow a set of rules or restrictions. Don't do something that doesn't feel right. However, be very careful not to let this perspective make you lazy. Don't skip or stop because you just don't feel like doing something. Slow down, break, or adjust if something hurts, you lose your breath, or become lightheaded. Try to keep going as soon as you can. Try to exert the same effort you would in a pre-pregnancy workout, but with respect to your new limits. It needs to feel like a workout!

Try incorporating some cardio into your day, and trust me, you'll feel better! As always, consult a doctor to find out what sort of excercise routine can work for you while pregnant, and ensure that you are sticking within your limits to keep yourself, and your baby, safe!

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