The 10 Cutest First Birthday Outfits

Birthdays are a big deal… especially that first one. It is an adorable milestone that everyone loves celebrating, and many people go all out for this initial party. There may be a theme. There may be a cake and a smash cake. There may be a photoshoot, in order to really capture the memory. And for all of this, there may also be a special first b-day outfit.

Whether a parent is looking for a shiny and festive ensemble, a fancy and an elegant one or just a simple way to let everyone know, these 10 clothing items would be perfect for this big day!

10 Bowtie Suspenders Ripped Denim Outfit


This outfit, made of soft and high-quality materials, comes with several great pieces: First up, there is a onesie that says, well, "one" in a plaid print. (There are some variations from which to choose, if someone wants a different design or sleeve length, too.) Attached to it is a little black bow tie, which is just adorable.

There is also a pair of amazing distressed jeans, and they have black-and-white-striped suspenders on them. Overall, this is a cute and casual outfit, but the included accessories take it all up a notch, making it a top choice for a birthday party.

9 Bling One Romper


Another set that comes with multiple pieces is shown here, and it is all about frilly girliness!

The main attraction is a tulle skirt, which would look adorable in photographs. There is also a romper, which says “one” on it, in a glittery, cursive font. The two accessories that are included are a headband with some flowers on it and a crown, fit for a miniature princess. There are other color options, too, such as purple, black and rainbow, and any of these designs would all look magical on a first birthday.

8 Unisex First Birthday Giftset


Here, there is a gray onesie with navy trim that tells the world what is being celebrated, along with matching navy pants that look super comfy. Once again, the accessories are key, and this one comes with two pieces: There is a bib that a little boy could wear, and there is a striped party hat, which is like a cherry on top of a wonderful celebration.

While an elaborate outfit makes for good pics, babies like to be in simple and soft clothes that parents can get on and off in an easy way. This is that and more… and another smart option!

7 1st Birthday Outfit


Another choice that is simpler than an ensemble with tulle and a crown and such is this pretty romper; it has a floral print on it that is just so sweet and that would pop in photos. For this product, there are some different colors and features that are available, such as a pom-pom trim or the oversized buttons and ruffle sleeves on this particular piece.

They all help in celebrating the day, as “one” is written in a gold heart. This romper is also made of super soft material, which is nice, as well.

6 First Birthday Cake Smashing Set


Accessories can also be purchased by themselves, then added to any outfit a baby already owns. This set, for instance, is a festive way to party and to smash that cake. There is a cotton bib with an embroidered patch all about the day.

This piece has a hook-and-loop closure, which helps in getting it on/off and cleaning it. There is a headband, too, that has a "1" patch and a cute little pom at top, and it is easy to imagine a one-year-old baby wearing this on his/her big day!

5 Tulle Rainbow Tutu Skirt


A similar set includes a skirt and matching headbands, which are all in a rainbow of colors.

The skirt is fluffy, has a neat little box on it and could be paired with any top or romper. One headband is a big bow that echoes the detail on the tutu, and the other headband is a flower crown that says “one” on it.

A person may prefer one of the other, or a baby could have a wardrobe change in the middle of the party. Either choice is a fun and frilly way to celebrate this first year on Earth!

4 First Birthday T-Shirt


Some people will want a super classic ensemble for this day, such as this T-shirt. It is a baseball-style tee, with an arrow design, which tells everyone that one whole year of awesome has happened.

It could be dressed up or down, depending on the vibe of the birthday party. It can go with literally anything a baby already owns, since it has a black-and-white color combo. It is a cozy piece a child will feel good in, which is of the utmost importance. And it is a gender-neutral piece that could be saved and worn by a little brother or sister, too.

3 Sparkly Tutu Dress


Speaking of black and classic… This tutu dress may be just the thing for this party! It features a tank-style dress that has a tulle skirt attached to it. It is very fluffy and festive, but it is actually a pretty simple piece, which a child will feel comfortable wearing.

And, of course, it has “one” written on the front and center of it, in a pretty and gold font that will stand out in all of the pics that are being taken on this special day.

2 One-Derful Bodysuit


Up next is a cute and casual bodysuit that tells everyone about the ONE-derful baby that is being celebrated. It is made out of 100 percent cotton, making it a soft and high-quality piece. It features a high-quality print, too, along with a little crown detail over the wording.

This bodysuit, which is designed in the USA, could be worn on its own, could be paired with shorts or could be added in with a pair of pants, allowing people to personalize the look. Additionally, this product comes in white, black, baby blue, gray and navy, giving buyers even more options.

1 5-Piece "My 1st Birthday" Set


There is also a five-piece set that could work on this day… It comes with a short-sleeve tee, a bodysuit, two bibs and a pair of pants. The pants even have a tutu attached to them, for a more festive look. There are birthday-themed messages written on the tops and bibs, and this is done in a gold glitter font that is super cute.

Furthermore, these pieces feature nickel-free snaps, which is great, when thinking about a baby’s sensitive skin. All of these coordinating clothing items, perfect for a first birthday, come from Carter’s, a trusted baby brand.

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