Woman Realizes Dream Of Motherhood After Best Friend Donates Eggs

Best friends are a special breed. They will do just about anything for one another – after all, that’s the unspoken deal. Best friends are always there for each another and show up when needed the most.

When Chelsea Judd needed the support of her best friend after going through years of unsuccessful infertility treatments, Tia Stokes stepped up to the plate in the biggest way possible. The Santa Clara, Utah mom-of-four decided to give Chelsea the most precious gift imaginable: a baby. “I’m a mum and it broke my heart that Chelsea was struggling so much to have a family,” Tia said. “'A couple of days later I had a conversation with Chelsea, I told her that I would be willing to donate my eggs if she wanted to accept them.”

Chelsea, 32 and husband Steve, 34 had been struggling to start a family of their own since 2011. They were eventually told that their problems were due to Chelsea having low-quality eggs.

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Chelsea’s dream of experiencing pregnancy and having a family with her husband seemed all but lost –until Tia offered a solution. Already a mother to three young boys at the time, Tia wanted her best friend to share in the joys of motherhood. She knew that she could make it happen, and before long, the two families began the process of conceiving with Tia’s help – which included preparing, retrieving, and implanting her eggs in Chelsea.

A total of four embryos were created using Tia’s eggs and Steve’s sperm, two of which were implanted in Chelsea’s uterus. It wasn’t long (10 days, in fact) before Chelsea and Steve heard the words they had been waiting to hear for so long: they were going to have a baby!

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In May of 2016, Chelsea and Steve welcomed a beautiful baby girl, who they named Giselle. Although she bared a striking resemblance to Tia, she never once considered herself her mother. “I know she is mine, but really she’s not,” said Tia, of her biological daughter. “Her mum is Chelsea. I love her . . . but I am not her mum.”

After their first successful IVF treatment back in 2015, Chelsea and Steve decided that they had it in them to try to conceive again and give two-year-old Giselle a sibling. This may happen sooner rather than later, as Chelsea recently revealed to that the remaining two embryos that were created back in 2015 will soon be transferred.

Via: Daily Mail

“Hopefully that will all go as planned next month,” she said. As for 'Aunty' Tia, she couldn’t be more thrilled for her best friend and her growing family.

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