10 Gemstone Inspired Names For Your One Of A Kind Baby

When it comes to giving your new baby a name that is special, memorable, and reflective of their unique personality, there are so many choices out there that it is hard to narrow it down to just one. One trend that is becoming increasingly popular is to name your baby after a jewel or gemstone, emphasizing their precious, irreplaceable status in your family.

There are so many gemstones and jewels that you could choose as a name for your child, and many of them have wonderful meanings and histories behind them as well, adding a unique story your baby's name. Here are 10 gemstone-inspired names for your one of a kind baby.

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10 Bijou

The name Bijou has a lovely little ring to it, and it sounds very proper and fancy, perfect for your little princess. It is the French word for "jewel", and it can also be spelled Bijoux, the plural word for "jewels". The name is considered a unique name for a girl, and it is not very high on the popularity charts.

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We know, of course, the famous Bijou Phillips, an American actress and singer. However, the name is not very common despite its sweet nature. Although the word "jewel" is technically both a masculine and feminine word, the name Bijou does lend itself to being a girls' name; it conjures up an image of a sweet little girl sipping on her tea, dressed in her best little party dress!

9 Iolite

Iolite is a stone with a beautiful, shifting colour of deep purples and blues, and a rich, spiritual history. It is known as the Viking's Compass, because it was used by early Viking explorers to identify their location when sailing to the New World.

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A unique, and pleasant-sounding name, Iolite would be a perfect name for your son or daughter. The stone represents the journey that your little one will take throughout their lives, and it also linked to the concepts of dreams and intuition. A symbolic name for certain, and one that will spark conversation and intrigue!

8 Soraya

Soraya is a beautiful name, and very unique. It is the Persian word for "jewel", and it is pronounced soh-RAH-yah. It is similar to the names Sarah, Zahara, and Zara.

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The name Soraya is not a very common name, but it has become more popular in North America after the former empress of Iran, Soraya Esfandiary, and the character Soraya Toheri in the bestselling book The Kite Runner. There is also a well-known journalist with National public Radio named Soraya Sarhadi-Nelson. Soraya is a lovely, exotic name and one that would be a sweet choice for your little cherub.

7 Giada

An elegant and graceful name, Giada is the Italian word for "jade", and it sparkles like the gem itself. Pronounced JAH-duh, the name Giada is quite an uncommon name despite its English variation Jade being quite popular.

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Jade is a beautiful gemstone that has been used for thousands of years, its powerful metaphysical properties being known to heal and protect. It was held as a lucky talisman and considered to be a powerful healing stone throughout many different cultures, from the British Isles to South America. Jade is also the most cherished stone in China, with many beliefs about its powers of healing and protection. With such an esteemed history behind the actual gemstone, a lovely name like Giada would be a tribute to your baby's precious uniqueness.

6 Jett

Jett is a shiny, black, beautiful stone that is made from wood that has been compacted and decaying for millions of years. The combination of this compaction and extreme heat results in the stunning gemstone jett. It has been used for thousands of years in various jewelry forms, and it is known for its protective properties.

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Jett is a short, vibrant name that seems fitting for a brave, outgoing little one. The name is considered to be fairly popular, and it became even more well-known after John Travolta and George Lucas gave their boys this name.

5 Garnet

Garnet is another gemstone whose name is becoming increasingly popular for both boys and girls. Known for being a stunning dark red stone, garnet is actually found in a variety of colours, and it is believed that each different colour carries its own spiritual properties as well. It is a very strong, spiritual stone, and many cultures believe that it represents the fire of life and love, and it was often used as a protective talisman for warriors and soldiers.

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Garnet would be a strong, classy name for either a girl or boy. While becoming more popular with other gemstone names like Ruby and Pearl, Garnet is still fairly uncommon, so it would be a unique name for your little one to have.

4 Amber

A warm, soothing rock, Amber would be a beautiful name for your sweet little girl. Amber is actually fossilized resin from thousands and thousands of years ago, and often it is possible to find fossilized remains of plants or animals in the resin itself, making each piece of amber incredibly unique and one-of-a-kind.

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With its golden hues, amber has always signified wealth and richness, representing drops of sun, tears from the Gods, and it has been strongly connected to both the earth and sun for many years. Amber is known for its purifying abilities, taking away pain, and improving overall health and well-being. A beautiful, warm name for any little girl.

3 Heliodor

Heliodor is a powerful name with a powerful look and history. A bright, vibrant stone, the name Heliodore is from the Greek language, meaning "gift of the sun". It is believed to represent knowledge and strength, and it is believed that is can improve one's ability for deep thoughts and ideas.

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Heliodor is also known to invoke strong personality traits, such as confidence and assertiveness. A powerful and unique name, Heliodore would be an excellent choice for your little go-getter.

2 Jasper

Jasper is one of the more common gemstone names that we hear of nowadays. From famous comedians and athletes to printmakers and actors, we hear the name Jasper more frequently than some of the other names on our list. Jasper has connections to almost every civilization in the world, from ancient Egyptians to the Native Americans. It is known for its comforting properties, providing strength and security.

Jasper is a very posh name that is quite popular in England and is now becoming increasingly popular in North America as well. It would be a strong, respectable choice for your dashing little man!

1 Malachite

Malachite is a beautiful green stone, similar to emeralds in its richness, but with a distinct opaque flow throughout it that provides a variety of textures and shades. Deeply connected to nature, malachite represents the healing power of plants and trees and has long been connected to spiritual healing and wellness.

While it has been a well-known gemstone throughout the years, Malachite is not a very popular name quite yet and is considered very unique. It would be a wonderful name for your special little boy, to represent his connection to nature and spiritual well-being.

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