Gender-Neutral Baby Names Are Becoming Popular Among New Parents (Here Are Our Favorites)

Gender equality has been on the rise, and to establish it from the roots parents are now opting for more and more gender-neutral names.

The challenge of finding the best name for the child is both an enriching and challenging journey for the parents. While they do not want the child to be known by their gender, they also do not believe in raising their child “genderless.”

When it comes to naming the baby, there are numerous possibilities. New parents can take their inspiration from their surroundings, their favorite vacation destination, and even their culture or nature. A naming pattern that has been observed since last year is the keenness of parents to give their child a gender-unbiased name.

A recent article published by Global News has revealed that celebrities like Kate Hudson, Jessica Simpson, and many others are breaking the naming taboo and have named their daughters with the atypical names like Rani Rose and Maxwell.

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Keep reading for some of the best gender-neutral baby names for a little boy or girl!


The name has a French origin, and though traditionally it has been a common nickname for boys, it suits girls equally well. Some famous songs about Billie include 'Billie Jean (Michael Jackson Cover),' 'Billie Jean,' 'Ode To Billie Joe,' 'Billie Jean,' 'Turn on Billie,' 'Millie And Billie,' 'Billie,' and 'Billie The Mountain.'


Drew Barrymore and Nancy Drew might be some of the well-known names and might make “Drew” sound girlish. But, in Scottish, the meaning of the name is “manly”. Thus, it is perfect for any gender and can be named for either a boy or a girl.


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Amari had a Hebrew origin and was mostly for girls meaning “Promised by God.” However, with time the meaning has evolved, and now it relates more to “strength,” so it can be an excellent name for a baby regardless of the gender.


This is a Welsh name meaning “son of the sea,” but it is more commonly used a girl’s name than a boy’s. The name is short, trendy, easy to pronounce, sweet and perfect for the darling baby in your life.

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More than just a romantic destination in Australia, Sydney has been a gender-neutral name since ages. Derived from the Old English elements sīd (extensive, wide) and ieg (an island in a river, riverside meadow), the name Sydney is associated with ground-breaking author Sydney Sheldon, Canadian born American professional soccer player and Olympic gold medallist Sydney Leroux, and groundbreaking African-American actor, Sidney Poitier.

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