These Are The Best (And Most Affordable) At-Home Pregnancy Tests

We've got the lowdown on the best and most economical home pregnancy tests that today's market has to offer.

Getting up the strength and courage it takes to do a pregnancy test is a huge moment, no matter the result that you're hoping for. So, it's crucial to make sure the test you pick isn't just the one that's closest to the check-out aisle. Instead, you should go for one that provides you with a guaranteed answer so that you don't need to deal with the frustration of a false answer, which can be devastating either way.

According to Women's Health, at-home pregnancy tests are 99% accurate. According to Christine Greves, MD, a board-certified ob-gyn at the Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies, tests from each manufacturer differ to some degree, but basically, all of the tests are searching to detect human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). Human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone that is secreted by the placenta after an embryo implants in your uterus.

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To assure you on the reliability of at-home pregnancy tests, Jessica Shepherd, MD, an ob-gyn in Texas, states that the pregnancy test that your ob-gyn would offer is extremely similar with a tiny difference; the test at your doctor’s office may have better quality control because the tests that you purchase at a store could have possibly been subjected to an extremely hot or cold environment or could be expired without the purchasers noticing.

Here’s the good, the bad and nothing but the truth about ten of the best at-home pregnancy tests that you can run out and purchase right now.

Clearblue Plus Pregnancy Test: offers fast results starting from the day of your missed period. It’s easy to read with “+” or “-“ as the results. To use this test, just hold the stick under your urine stream for five seconds and wait for three minutes afterward. Cost: under $8

First Response Triple Check Pregnancy Test: this is one for those of us who require extra reassurance. This package comes fully loaded with two regular tests that work by showing two lines if you are pregnant and one if you are not and also throws in a digital test that will just tell you outright if you are pregnant or not. This test is able to notify you up to six days before your missed period. Cost: under $13


Easy @ Home Pregnancy Test Sticks: work the old-fashioned way. You place the sticks under your urine stream for ten seconds or you can alternatively urinate into a cup and then place the stick into the cup for three minutes. Soon the results will show two lines if you are pregnant and one line if you are not. One bonus with this test is that it comes with a Premom Ovulaton Predictor App for those who are hoping to get pregnant in the future. Cost: under $10

iProvèn Early Pregnancy Test: the immediate advantage with this test is the extendable test strip. The extra space allows for more of an area to cover and less of a mess. After waiting five minutes, the test will be ready with results. Cost: under $10

Pregmate: is for those who want to make absolutely, positively, without a doubt that they are or are not pregnant, several times. Pregmate is a kit that comes with 25 tests. It’s basically the Costco version of pregnancy tests. Simply take a test strip, dip it in urine and wait for results to show. Two lines will show that you are pregnant and one line means that you are not. Pregmate kits are more than 99.8% accurate. Cost: under $10


Early Pregnancy Test: one of the most well-known pregnancy tests on the market is EPT which stands for Early Pregnancy Test. This brand says that you can get your results up to five days before your missed period in just two minutes. A plus sign means you are pregnant while a minus sign means that you are not. Cost: under $11

Docalon Early Pregnancy Test: this test works by holding the test strip in a cup of urine for up to sixty seconds. The test strip will appear red which means that you will need to wait one to three minutes for your results. Two pink lines means you are pregnant while one pink line means that you are not. Cost: under $8

MOMMED Pregnancy Test Strips: this is a simple pregnancy test that gives you 20 tests all in all. For each test, all you need is to dip each strip in a cup of urine for just five seconds then Waite five minutes for the results. Again, two lines means you are pregnant while one line means you are not. Cost: under $9


AFAC Pregnancy Test: this is another simple kind of test. You hold the test strip under your urine stream for ten seconds, wait five minutes and then the results will appear. Two lines mean that you are pregnant while one line means that you are not. Cost: under $13

ClearBlue Plus Pregnancy Test: this is a digital test that’s pretty user-friendly. You simply urinate on the absorbent tip while the test has a smart countdown feature so that you don’t have to countdown yourself. When the times up, the test literally tells you if you are “pregnant” or “not pregnant.” Cost: under $8

Here's wishing you all the best in getting the results that fit you best!

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