Smooth Sailing: 10 Nautical Baby Names

When parents are picking out a name for their new baby, they want a name that is going to stand out and is meaningful. One of the most magical places a person can get baby related names is from the water. Whether it is from the seas or oceans we have found ten adorable baby names that will remind you of the water. And these names are perfect for parents who have a strong connection to the deep, blue water. So keep reading this list if you are looking for the perfect nautical theme name for your baby girl or boy.

10 Bay

An adorable name that is great for any little girl is Bay. This sweet Earthy name is not just about the giant seas and oceans, but according to Names.org is a small body of water set off from the main part.

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This name would be a reminder to your daughter to not just go on a path that everyone is taking, but to do her own thing. Though in the past years this name has not been frequently used, it would be a perfect name to give to your little girl that will beautiful at any stage of her life.

9 Kai

If you are looking for a unique nautical theme named for your little man than Kai is perfect for you to use since BabyCenter.com reports, it means seas. According to BabyCenter.com, this name has slowly been on the rise since the early 2000s with more parents choosing this simple, yet delightful name. Kai’s popularity for a one-of-a-kind name has been growing and making it’s way up to the high 60’s for the most popular names of 2019. So make sure to put this name down on your list when talking to your partner about names for your baby boy.

8 Catalina

A beautiful and festive name for your baby girl is Cataline. According to MomJuction.com, Cataline means either a ship or the island to which it sails too. This is a strong name that would be a memento for your daughter to live her life how she chooses, and to not let anyone else point her in a direction she doesn’t want to go.

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Give your daughter the freedom she needs to live a full life with this name. And with a name like this is nothing that your daughter wouldn’t be able to do.

7 Hurley

A charming and unique name for any son whose parents love water is Hurley. According to NameBerry.com, Hurley is a name that means sea tides. And by giving your son a name like this, it will help him navigate through all of the ups and downs in his life. And what parent doesn’t want to support their child throughout life? This sauve name is also perfect for any age and is great for your son to grow into. Your little man would make many waves with a name like Hurley.

6 Doris

If you are looking for a timeless and classic name for your girl, then you want to choose the name Doris for her. SheKnows.com reports that Doris means the daughter of the Ocean and mother to the sea-nymph, Nereids. Mythology.net states that sea-nymphs are female spirits of sea waters, so naming your little one Doris will mean that she can be a great daughter and mother.

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It can also mean that your little bundle of joy might feel a strong connection to the water and protecting it. So make sure to add this name to your name list for potential little girl names.

5 Ortun

A darling name that is perfect for any little man is Ortun. According to EverdayFamily.com, Ortun means from the shore. With the strong connection to water with this name, it could remind him to always look past what is in the horizon and what can be seen by his eyes. This will allow him to be courageous and curious about life and make him want to push for more than he has. This strong name is perfect to give to your son if you want him to live a life full of adventures.

4 Pearl

We all know that pearls are sought after jewels that are found in oysters at the bottom of the ocean. Pearl is also a vintage name this is excellent for any daughter.

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The name Pearl has been on the rise in the United States with many celebrities using this name for there little ones. NameBerry.com has gathered that actress Maya Rudolph has named her daughter Pearl and this name is slowly getting traction again for the number of people using it. Give your girl the timeless classic name of Pearl.

3 Brendan

A more common boys name that many people don’t even know has a nautical meaning is Brendan. BehindTheName.com legend reports, that in the 6th century, Brendan -now the patron saint of sailors- crossed the Atlantic and reached North America with over 15 other monks. By giving this name to your son, it will be a token for him to think about the meaning of his name and take chances. This name will encourage him to leave his comfort zone and to do things that could leave to greatness. And who doesn’t want their little one growing up and taking chances on themselves?

2 Isla

A gorgeous feminine name that can suit any girl is Isla. Isla, according to Namberry.com, mans island. By giving your daughter this topical name it will inspire her to live a colorful and lively life. This lovely name has been making its way into the top ten list of popular names all over the world. NameBerry.com shows that Isla was the third most popular name, in 2017, in both Scotland and England.

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There is no wonder why this name is popular due to is simplistic yet elegant stance.

1 Caspian

An adorable baby name this is sure to remind you of the water is Caspian. To start with Caspian is the largest sea in the world and according to MomJunction.com is the name of a character in the “Voyage of the Dawn Treader” who led the sea voyage. This name will influence your son to live up to it and be a type of man that leads and takes charge. Though this is has been uncommon in the past, it has been gaining use from parents more and more.

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