The Best Parenting Hacks That You Need To Try As Soon As Possible

Parents have chimed in about their absolute best parenting hacks and here they are, all gathered in one place!

Hacks are all about working smarter, not harder whether they can be applied to the office, home, fashion, pets or hey, or even parenting, and let's face it... when it it comes to parenting, can't we take all the handy tried-and-true advice out that's out there?

Many thanks to Quartz for compiling these parental tips from their own staffers! Let's begin with a fresh start! To ring in the new year with a house full of little ones or maybe just one little one who makes it feel like a house full, Corinne Purtill recommends getting up before the kids do on December 31 and setting the clock ahead 3 hours ahead.

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At 8 p.m. (on your phone), it's time to party, whoop it up and have fun because at 9 p.m. it will be "midnight" and it's time to tune in to a fake Netflix or YouTube countdown. Purtill says then she wishes her kids a good New Year, tucks them into bed and then has three hours to sip cocktails and enjoy talking with her husband until the actual New Year.

Next up, Annaliese Griffin's parenting hack is actually for friends of new parents. She recommends to ignore baby registries and wait a couple of weeks after the baby is born. Griffin says that a text that says that a friend is going to come by to drop of a loaf of bread and a couple of quarts of soup when the baby is three weeks old is a wonderful feeling and a great (and unique!) gift for a new parent.

Zach Seward said that the Sprout Baby app for iOS is a great way to track baby's record-keeping. He can also sync his app to his wife's phone! The app creates data visualizations that they can use for doctor's appointments, etc.

Heather Landy said that the free app Quizlet is a fantastic way for kids of any age to prep themselves for studying a variety of subjects. She also recommends setting the alarm an hour or two earlier for herself when she needs time just for herself.


Readers, what do you think about these parenting hacks? Which ones are you excited to try out for yourself? Which ones can you add to help out fellow BabyGaga readers? Please let us know down in the comments!

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