Budget Moms Unite!: Best Places To Get Maternity Clothing Without Going Broke

At some point in your pregnancy, you will show. Your belly will pop out and you will start to feel snug in your regular clothing. While yoga clothing and sweatpants can help immensely, they aren't always comfortable. Most of the places you shop will seem to charge outrageous prices for clothing you'll only wear a few months- depending on the number of times you get pregnant and you will go periods of time in between that they won't be practical. Sometimes you can borrow maternity clothing from family members or friends who were about the same size and in some cases, those friends or family members will give you the clothing. But, if you don't have close friends or family members you can borrow pants from or you're a lot bigger than they are? Where can you go to find affordable clothing? There are places out there that don't charge an arm and leg.

First on our list is consignment shops or thrift shops. Consignment shops will likely be a bit pricier- especially if it's for higher quality or designer items, but you can get good deals if you know where to look. In a consignment shop, people go to put their old clothes on sale and the shop pays them and takes a commission. Thrift stores, on the other hand, run on donations (think Goodwill or the Salvation Army). They are known as charities that help lower-income families or individuals, but their stores are open to anyone who wants to shop and a lot of them do good with the money they make off sales (just research and make sure they are, in fact, nonprofit and they do use the money well).

Next, a complete no-brainer: Target. People usually associate Target with higher prices than other related stores, but when you compare Taget to a store like Motherhood, it's cheaper. They may not have Walmart low prices, but they do have lower prices than specialty shops and their clothing should last through as many pregnancies as you choose to have.

For moms who like to shop online? Websites like Amazon or Ebay are great options. They will possibly be used, but you can wash them and remember, you won't be wearing them for a long period so if they end up worn a bit, you won't be needing them long.

Finally, it can be a good idea to check out department stores. Although they are often more expensive, they can have some really good sales. If you know you'll need maternity clothing by winter and it's spring, that would be the best time to pick up a few winter outfits. The best time to buy seasonal clothing is the beginning of the next season when everything is deeply discounted.

There are a lot of designer and higher end pregnancy brands that try to sell overpriced clothing, but you do not have to break the bank with a few outfits you will only need a few months. If you know where to look, you'll be able to find name brand and stylish, classic or chic clothing for just a fraction of what designer brands cost.


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