10 Best Pregnancy Halloween Costumes

With Halloween right around the corner, you might feel like your pregnancy means that you cannot celebrate Halloween in costume but this is not true. There are many amazing Halloween costumes that you can wear if you are pregnant. The best part is that there are several costumes where you can use your pregnancy belly to your advantage to create fun and cute costumes that everyone will love.

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With there still being time left to get your costume in order you can still have fun at the Halloween party or while you hand out candy at home. So keep reading to discover the best pregnancy costumes that you can wear to get into the Halloween spirit!

10 E.T Go Home

One of the best and most beloved movies from the 80s is E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. With this costume, you can show your love for this iconic movie, by making a costume out of its famous cycling scene.

You can make this costume by buying a red hoodie and picking up a plastic bucket from the dollar store. You can superglue the basket to your hoodie and then use tin foil to make handles for the bike. The most important part of this costume is E.T's face, for which you can use grey fabric.

9 A Bubble Gum Machine

A cute Halloween costume that is great for any expecting mother is making your own bubble gum machine outfit. This is a neat way to show off your growing bump and to use it as a part of your costume.

This costume is easy to make and can be made from gluing colored pom-poms to a shirt and making a 25 cent sign to attach to your belly! This costume is going to be the talk of the Halloween party with your creativity when you show up as a bubble gum machine.

8 Wilson!

Cast Away is an iconic movie that stares Tom Hanks that people still love watching today. One of the best aspects of the movie was Hanks' character's relationship with Wilson the volleyball when he was stuck on the island by himself.

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Now you and your partner can become this classic duo with your partner being Hanks character, Chuck, and you dress up as Wilson the volleyball. For this costume, all you need is a white shirt and some red paint. When you are making the handprint on the stomach are of your shirt make sure you are working fast so you can add in the face.

7 Eggcellent

Besides being an excellent source of protein, eggs can also be a great Halloween costume. You and your family can be a well-rounded breakfast by you using your belly to be eggs sunny side up, your partner as bacon, and your little one as toast.

The egg costume doesn’t stop there, you can make your egg costume clever and funny by wearing devil horns and a tail to become deviled eggs. Either way, your costume is sure to be eggcellent and be a fun way to show off your belly.

6 Pasta Sauce

Let the world know that you are expecting a baby and dress up as a family favorite pasta sauce, Prego. This is a hilarious way to ensure that everyone knows that you are pregnant.

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This is an easy costume to make too since all you need is a red shirt or dress. Then with fabric cut out different shapes of veggies like mushrooms and peppers to really get that jar feel. Before you head out in your costume make sure to add the Prego logo in black maker so everyone knows what pasta sauce you are.

5 Winnie The Pooh

One of the most beloved characters in books and television is Winnie The Pooh, and the silly old Poohbear is known for his belly since he is always looking for honey. While you are pregnant you can make a wonderful Winnie The Pooh thanks to your belly.

For this costume, all you need is a mustard-colored dress with a red crop top to get his signature look. Make the look complete by getting little round yellow ears and by making a honey pot out of a flower pot and yellow tissue paper.

4 Family Meal

If you are looking for a family costume that would work for you, your partner, and your little one, then you need to think of people’s favorite Mexican food and become tacos.

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With your pregnancy belly, you would make a perfect avocado, your partner can be the taco, and your child can be a packet of hot sauce. This is an adorable Halloween costume your whole family will love so make sure to get pictures so you can share it with your family and friends so they can enjoy it too.

3 Juno

A movie that became a worldwide success is Juno. If you're looking for a couples costume to don while you are pregnant then you and your partner can dress up as Juno and Paulie.

Juno and Paulie are a great Halloween costume since you probably already have the pieces you need to make it and if you don't have them already, then you can find everything at a thrift store making it an affordable outfit too

Wear a costume that people will recognize right away as these two iconic characters from Juno.

2 Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?

A game show that people loved watching was Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? In this creative costume, you can be Carmen Sandiego and show off an overview of the world.

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With Netflix now releasing its own Carmen Sandiego show this costume is sure to be recognized by everyone. It's also easy to make since all you need is a black dress, a red coat, and a hat. The impressive part is either painting the world over your stomach or getting an iron-on patch to put there to get the full effect.

1 Mike Wazowski

Monsters Inc. and Monsters University are recognizable and fun Disney movies. One character that everyone loves in this franchise is Mike Wazowski, due to how relatable he is. And based on his character design a pregnancy belly is perfect to portray him.

This costume is perfect for anyone who's not a crafter since all you need is a green shirt and to draw his face on your stomach. This costume can also easily be turned into a couple or family theme too if you are looking for something like that.

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