Best Baby Products For New Moms In 2019

When she finds out that she's expecting her first child, a new mom can't wait to make a list of the baby products (like Strollers) that she needs. It's exciting to start preparing, but it can be hard to narrow down what is necessary. It's important to be ready for what parenthood has in store, and finding the best baby products before the baby gets here can help moms breathe a big sigh of relief.

A lot of care went into researching these products (even making sure that they are easily accessible on amazon), and whether they are the most affordable, the most adorable, or moms loved them the most, they are all worth it. Here are the best baby products for new moms in 2019.

Some moms may be looking at this before the big day comes, and if thats the case, why not add some highly recommended baby shower buys to the list.

8 The Best Safe Toy For Newborns: Sophie The Giraffe Teething Ring by Vulli

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Based on the reviews that moms have given this teething ring, it's the best one. It's under $20 which is great (it's $16.65) and moms have said how much their babies enjoy using it. One mom brings it on car trips, and since it's made of natural rubber, it's a totally great and worry-free product.  If you want to see other Safe Toys for Newborns you can see them here.

7 The Best On The Go Product: Tommee Tippee Easiflow 360° Spill-Proof Toddler Cup with Travel Lid

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The Tommee Tippee Toddler Cup is the best on-the-go product because it's adorable. It's $12.99 and the colorful design is so appealing. Moms and toddlers alike will be attracted to the design, and it's not going to leak, either. All toddlers have to do is push on the top and they will have no problem drinking from it.  If you want to see other great On-The-Go Products, click here.

6 The Best Gizmos And Gadgets: Baby Bum Brush

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Thanks to the many positive reviews that parents left for this product, the Baby Bum Brush is the best in this category. It's so affordable (only $6.99) and really makes putting diaper cream on babies a happier experience for everyone.  If you want to see other gizmos and gadgets that can ease the stress of caring for your baby, click here.

5 The Best Must-Have Baby Room Furniture: Storkcraft Custom Hoop Glider and Ottoman

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The Storkcraft Custom Hoop Glider and Ottoman ($169.99) is the best must-have baby room furniture because of the product quality and the practicality of the product. Moms will spend so much time sitting on this soft and gentle chair with their little one.  If you want to make sure that there aren't other Baby Room Products that were forgotten, see the full list here.

4 The Best Baby Diaper: Mama Bear Diapers

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Mama Bear Diapers ($34.76) offer the best price and value. There are 184 total (four packs of 46 diapers in each pack). Since moms spend so much money on diapers, this is really good news and will ease their minds. They are also good value since babies will stay dry for up to 12 hours.  If these diapers just don't do the job for you, click here to see the other great diaper options that are available.

3 The Best Baby Thermometer: Baby Forehead Thermometer with Ear Function by simplife

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This baby thermometer ($29.99) is the best one out there as it is so simple to use and offers great value. It explains when the baby has a fever (there will be a red light and ten beeps) and there is a light so moms can use it at night. After pushing one key, moms will see the temperature really fast.  If you want to see some of the other baby thermometers that made the list, click here and read all about them.

2 The Best Bathtub Essential: Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Plush Bathrobe

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Simply put, this bathrobe is the cutest product that a mom could buy for her little one's bathtime experience, making it the best in this particular product category. It's $13.97 and moms will think that their babies look so adorable in the hooded design. They come in several designs such as Giraffe, Blue Clouds, and more.  If you also want to see some other products that can make bath time easier, read about some other great choices here.

1 The Best Baby Nail Clippers: NailFrida The SnipperClipper Set by Fridababy

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Priced at $12.99 The NailFrida The SnipperClipper Set is the best pick for baby nail clippers. This product got the best reviews as moms are incredibly happy with how this product keeps a baby's nails smooth and makes it a calm and pain-free experience.  Take a look at the other nail clippers that almost got the best pick label.

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