10 Southern Baby Names For A Sassy Girl

Is there anything more exciting for parents than coming up with a name for their baby? It can be so fun to dream up different options and inspiration can be found in many places. If the American South has a special place in your heart, this list is for you.

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From timeless names plucked from that region to characters found in Southern literature, there are plenty of options out there. Some of these monikers are bold while others are feminine and sweet. We’ve drawn from movies, locations, and even a tasty cocktail. Please enjoy this list of 10 Southern baby name choices for your sassy girl.

10 Scarlett


Perhaps one of the most southern names out there is the name, Scarlett. This would be a great choice for literary-minded parents, as Scarlett O'Hara was the protagonist in the beloved classic, Gone with the Wind. It’s a bold name that is inspired by the color red and also just happens to be steeped in history.

Scarlett ranked #405 on Nameberry’s popularity list, so it’s not one that you hear every day, but isn't too unusual either. We think that a little girl given this name will be a firecracker, for sure.

9 Georgia


Georgia is a fresh name that is just ripe for the picking. Why not name your daughter after the Southern Peach State? It’s sweet and sassy, so any little girl with this moniker would have a great start in life. This one has a lyrical quality to it as well, as it gives a wink to the Ray Charles song, “Georgia On My Mind.”

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Georgia is a name of English origin and is a feminine variation of the name George. It also means “farmer.” It ranked #223 on Nameberry’s popularity list.

8 Presley


Presley is an adorable name that pays homage to the king himself, Elvis Presley. It really doesn’t get much more Southern this one and it would be a feminine option for fans of his music. Presley found its place on the charts in 1998 and has been steadily rising ever since.

Presley is of English origin and it means “priest's meadow." We think that the rockabilly crowd will love this one. It's got a retro sort of flavor to it, and that's something that will never go out of style. Be sure to claim it before your friends do.

7 Belle


Belle is just one of the names that feels gentle and sweet. We’ve all heard the term “Southern belle,” so it would be a great option for parents who are looking to the South for inspiration. It also has associations with the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast, which makes it extra special.

Belle is of French origin and means "beautiful." Your little girl will be the belle of the ball with this one. We think that it makes a really cute middle name as well.

6 Dixie


Does is get much sassier than the name Dixie? This one wouldn’t suit just any little girl. It takes a saucy gal to pull this name off. Inspired by the American South, Dixie makes us think of country western songs and cowgirl boots. Maybe it’s because it’s associated with the band The Dixie Chicks.

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Dixie is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "tenth." It is often added to Nameberry’s lists like Bad Girl Names. Although, we don’t think that a girl given this moniker would be a bad girl at all. You’d be smart to put dibs on this one, folks.

5 Julep


Julep is one of those distinctive names that would be a brilliant option for parents wanting to give their daughter a Southern moniker. It’s much more daring than the common name June but has the same plucky feel to it. Anyone from the South knows that this cocktail is just perfect to sip on a hot summer day.

It's quite the uncommon, unique name, which means that you won’t hear it being said that often on the playground. Your daughter will stand out in a crowd with this one, for sure.

4 Scout


Bookworms will adore the name Scout for their little girl, as it was taken from Harper Lee’s Southern novel, To Kill a Mockingbird. Scout Finch is the nickname of the scrappy protagonist from the beloved book and we think that it would be an adorable option. It has a tomboy vibe that would suit a total spitfire.

Scout is another uncommon pick. This one feels totally unique, so your daughter would be one of a kind. It found a place on the charts in the 1990s and saw a huge spike in 2017.

3 Alabama


This destination name is just too charming to pass up. Inspired by the Southern state, Alabama would be a delightful option for any little girl. Geographical names became popular in the 1990s but we think that this one is poised to surge on the charts.

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Alabama is a sweet-yet-strong girl's name that means "vegetation gatherers". This was also the name of the fierce female character in Quentin Tarantino's film True Romance. Your daughter will love that you gave her such a unique and spunky name.

2  Shelby


Shelby is a classic name that was featured in one of the most Southern movies of all time, Steel Magnolias. This one has a timeless feel which means that it has some serious staying power. Your little girl will grow into it as she ages.

Shelby is a girl's name of English origin meaning "estate on the ledge." Shelby is a name that's just teetering on the edge of being truly discovered and becoming popular. This one has been overlooked, but you might regret it if you don’t add Shelby to your list.

1 Magnolia


Magnolia is a sweet floral name that just sounds so southern. Botanical names are becoming more and more common, but this one remains unique. You likely won’t meet too many other children with this one in your daughter’s preschool class. We also love it because there are many potential nicknames that would be adorable for a little girl, such as Maggie or Nollie.

Magnolia is a girl's name of Latin origin. It's not a common name, but it isn't unheard of either. The perfect balance. Original, spunky, and cute, Magnolia is sure to please your Southern grandma.

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