The Best Swimsuits For Your Mom Bod

In a group of my mom-friends, a friend (I'll call her DM for Dungeon Master) is shopping for a second swimsuit for the summer season. DM's family spends a lot of the hot Southern summers cooling off at waterparks, pools, and splashpads. It's kind of a pain to try to get by with just one suit - so she's looking for a second option. She already has a trendy high-waisted number, and is on the hunt for something with a low rise and decent butt coverage. In other words, she's looking for a unicorn. They exist - but dang, they're not easy to find.

Personally, I struggle with suit shopping myself. That's in part because my body looks *so* dramatically different than it used to look before I had kids. Beyond "looks", DM and I are both concerned with function. If we're wearing these suits while chasing kids around on a hot day, we want to feel comfortable and secure - not like we have to keep picking suit bottoms out of our butt-cracks. Hence DM's desire for a bit more coverage on her backside. As a group of women with zero chill and a rare day off of work, we went hogwild looking for suits that fit the bill. While DM shopped in person at several stores, I Googled my little heart out.

There are loads of different tastes, styles, and cuts to choose from - but here are my top picks for your mom bod.

A Gold Thong Bikini

You go, girl!

The metallic sheen on this bikini harkens back to my favorite Disney Princess, The Huttslayer. Of course, you might notice the teeny tiny bottoms - yes, that's a thong. Because guess what? You can wear whatever the heck you want to wear. If you feel comfortable, that's all that matters. Haters need not apply. I care not if you have all the cellulite or the world's smallest hips - wear a suit that makes you feel happy and at ease. Bonus: no tan lines on your cute booty!

A Two-Piece Swim Dress

You do you, mama!

Mormons have taken the internet by storm (yes, most of those YouTube vloggers you follow with wholesome families are Mormons), and I am here for it. Why? Because I'm glad they finally have an option that allows them a semblance of freedom and carefree swimming. You might be aware that Mormon women are supposed to dress modestly - but these suits take "full coverage" to a whole new level. But you don't have to be Mormon to wear them - just comfortable in this demure style. I actually love the print on this neutral paisley number with leggings - and I kind of wish I could find it in a regular-clothes version!

A High-Waisted Trendy Number

I love the colors and the confidence jumping out at me!

High-waisted suits have so much to offer! Luckily, they're pretty easy to find this season - it's a trendy style that has been translated into everything from a vintage look to an ultra-modern geometric piece. The bright colors and fun cage-bra top make this suit yell, "Check me out, I'm hot and I know it!" Of course, the high-waisted take on swimwear means you don't have to worry about bottoms slipping off, or generally about picking spandex out of your ass. Some versions include a bit of tummy control to help keep things smooth and secure. I've yet to see someone look anything less than fantastic in a high-waisted two piece!

A Classic String Bikini

Gotta love a string bikini!

It's basically impossible to go to wrong with a cute string bikini! This one is a basic black with a super cute aqua/teal string - and I am about it! My favorite part of a string bikini is how easy it is to adjust to fit you. Plus, it's easy to untie when you're tanning so you don't have to have annoying tan lines criss-crossing your back. These two-pieces can range from skimpy to full-coverage for your backside or your boobs - and they're so fun to mix and match! Really, what's not to love?

So what's the best swimsuit for a mom-bod? Whatever the heck you want, that's what. If you feel comfortable, sexy, and confident - then buy the swimsuit. No one has the right to judge or shame you for however you choose to present your body. It is, after all, just a skin suit for your soul - and not a reflection thereof. One-pieces, tankinis, skirtsuits, bikinis, monokinis, thongs, tangas, high-waisted bottoms - they're all awesome for their own reasons. Find what works for you and run with it, and leave that societally-imposed self-loathing in your dust. Love yourself and be kind to your body this summer. And above all else - stay cool and don't forget your sunscreen!

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