Best Toy Storage Solutions

We've lived in this house for two months, and I have finally convinced my husband to move the huge cube storage wall unit into our son's bedroom. He's old enough now that we're a little worried he might climb it, so we mounted it to the wall (thanks, Ikea!). This type of storage works for our family because it helps me hide away unsightly piles. It's also nice to have a home for all of Shep's belongings - homes that he can access all by himself.

Far be it from me to claim that I have this whole home organization thing totally figured out. Most of my friends are far neater and tidier than I am, but I am a connoisseur of all things storage. Back in the day we lived in a 750 square foot apartment and space-saving was critical. When we eventually ran out of floor space, I started building up. And this first foray into organizing our space was well before children were even part of the picture!

Now that I have two little rugrats running (or crawling) about underfoot, the fight against chaos and mess is an uphill battle. Both ways. In the snow. Barefoot.

I want my kids to understand responsibility and that part of being a family is pitching in to lighten the load for everyone. Also I want to take advantage of the free labor. Kidding! Really, I just want them to appreciate having a tidy space; to know that it's easier to find things if they have a home and they go back to their home after every use. Here's a few of the best storage solutions for young kids that work for parents and tots alike!

Storage Cubes

This classic is easy to find in any major box store! It's a clean minimalist style, and one of my favorites to blend in with any style. Shep's storage cube is woodgrain with a grey finish on it and I found cute cube bins to fit with it. The upside to most storage cube units is that they're a standard size. That means that you can find bins pretty much anywhere and they'll probably fit the unit you've got at home. Easy to mount to a wall if they're tall, or to double as a bench for toddlers when mounted horizontally, they're a great storage option in any home!

Badger Bins

I've had my eye on a set of badger bins since Shep could walk. Here's why they're so great for kids. Open buckets make spotting favorite toys a breeze. The tilter design speeds along cleanup - kids can access the bins without having to pull them off of their shelves or out of a cubby hole. My personal favorite design feature? You can grab a bucket and carry it with you, dropping toys in along your way. Once it's full, back on the rack it goes. Sort the toys and voila! Everything in its place and easy to find again.

Baskets And Barrels

One of my favorite gifts for Shep on his first Christmas was from his grandma Sue. She bought him a tall grey fabric storage bin and it's been a favorite since day one. Shep likes to toss his toys inside it and then tip it over, go rooting around for them, and come out triumphantly holding his "wacecahr" over his head. I like it because it's incredibly versatile. Is Shep's room drowning in clean laundry or in legos? I can use it for a laundry basket or a place to chuck all the tiny pieces of toy sets until I gather the whole kit. The only real downside to using baskets to organize is that you can't divide the basket into smaller sections. Whatever you store in it, it ought to be the same category through-and-through.


What is your favorite organizational tool for toddler toys? Do you use one of the options here? Shoot me a link to your version on Twitter @pi3sugarpi3. 



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