10 Best Ways To Celebrate Your Rainbow Baby

A rainbow baby is a child conceived after a loss. These special pregnancies can hold unique significance for parents. Welcoming a little one after a loss can be an extremely healing experience. A rainbow pregnancy is a very significant event for a family.

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It deserves recognition and celebration. If one is looking for ways to celebrate theirupcoming rainbow baby check out one of the ideas below. Every family is unique and will find their own way to welcome and celebrate their precious new edition but here are some fantastic ideas to get started.

10 Announcements

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A pregnancy announcement is the first fun step many families take in sharing their good news. For those parents who are welcoming a rainbow baby choosing a rainbow theme for your announcement is a great way to honor that.

There are many ways that one can incorporate the theme into their announcement. You could use Rainbow Paint on the baby bump, pose in front of an actual rainbow pose in front of an actual rainbow or even wear a rainbow tutu. The sky's the limit. this is a great time to use some creativity and celebrate this special arrival.

9 Welcome Party

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Many families choose to have a baby shower to celebrate their pregnancies. This is a time for friends and family to come together and celebrate pregnant families. It's also a great time for new parents to receive advice and presents to help them along their new journey. If one is celebrating a rainbow baby why not put off the party until the baby can be there too?

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Turn the baby shower into a welcome party for that special little one. One could serve rainbow colored fruits decorate with rainbows and raindrops and make sure to dress the whole family and bright beautiful colors. This is an incredibly thoughtful way to share that joy with others.

8 Photo Shoot

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There's no memento more precious to parents than baby photos. Most new parents will have a photo shoot with their child eventually. Whether it's for a holiday card or just to celebrate the new arrival, these photos become treasured keepsakes. Looking for a way to celebrate a rainbow baby a photo shoot could be just the thing.

Dress the child head to toe in red, orange, yellow, blue, green and violet. Display that perfect baby as their own little living rainbow. The photos will last a lifetime and they're a perfect way to encapsulate all the joy and wonder of bringing a new little person into the world particularly after loss. One could have a rainbow themed maternity shoot too!

7 Tattoo

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Tattoo is an ancient and sacred practice that spans nearly every culture on Earth. The practice has been used to celebrate major life Milestones since its Inception. Many parents choose to celebrate the birth of their children with commemorative tattoos. If one is welcoming a rainbow baby into their family it might be time to consider a new piece of art as well.

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A tattoo is a beautiful Memento that you carry with oneself always. Tattoos are just as versatile and unique as the people who get them. There are Limitless ways that one could celebrate their little one with body art. One could choose to commemorate their footprints, get a photo-realistic portrait, or something more symbolic.

6 Colorful Shower

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If a family is choosing to have a baby shower why not celebrate a rainbow baby with a rainbow theme? Decorating for this type of baby shower is both inexpensive and easy. You can create rain clouds with balloons and hang various rainbow colored streamers beneath them.

Rainbow color table where is readily available at most dollar stores making the supplies cheap and easy to find. Serve rainbow colored foods to compliment your theme. A baby shower is the perfect venue to celebrate any pregnancy but a rainbow baby inspires adorable themes.

5 Say It With Style

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Is there anything cuter than an expectant mom in a sweet maternity shirt? New parents celebrate their pregnancies with t-shirt commemorating their future child's date of birth how many babies they're pregnant with or how many siblings the baby will have.

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Parents  of rainbow babies can get in on the fun with colorful gear. A sweet t-shirt is a comfy and casual way to tell the world about the good news. All the better if it's filled with an adorable bump.

4 Decor

If one will be housing their new arrival in their own Nursery why not celebrate the special Joy of welcoming a child after a loss by decorating your nursery in rainbows. Rainbows make an obvious theme for mobiles. There are so many cute motifs that fit this sweet theme. Rain drop, fluffy clouds and smiling suns are all at home in a rainbow nursery.

3 Lovies

All babies love snuggly things. parents love gift their babies blankets that become special Comfort items. Baby blankets a range from a simple square of flannel to an ornate family heirloom quilt. If one is celebrating the arrival of a rainbow baby consider a rainbow blankie as their lovey. If your family prefers stuffed animals to blank he's a rainbow teddy bear can't be beat.

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Some children grow attached to non traditional lovies like a favorite toy or piece of clothing. One can't guarantee that a child will grow particularly attached to anything one gives them but one can certainly celebrate their arrival with a rainbow themed gift to treasure forever.

2 Statement Outfit


If one wants to get their rainbow baby and on the celebratory fun, there's a really easy way. The little one may not be able to speak yet but they can use their adorable outfits to say a lot. A really fun way to celebrate a rainbow baby is to dress them up and if statement outfit that tells the world about their special place in the family. There are plenty of cute baby shirts out there but one could always make their own to amp up the fun.

1 Toys

Everyone loves colorful toys. Any parents begin buying them before their children are even born. There are dozens of ways one could incorporate a rainbow theme into their toy buying. Showering a new baby with welcome home gifts is a pleasure for any new parent. Why not fill their nursery with bright, cheerful toys celebrating their special place in the family?

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