10 Of The Best Yoga Poses When Pregnant

When you are expecting a baby your body changes in a major way due to your creating a new life. Unfortunately, since your body is changing at such a fast can lead to you feel sore in different areas. But don’t worry because yoga is a great healthy exercise you can do while expecting to help you feel better during pregnancy and get ready for the baby.

And don’t worry these poses are going to be easy for you to do even if you have a pregnant belly in front of you! So keep ready to discover ten of the best yoga poses you can do while pregnant.

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10 Extended Triangle Pose

The extended triangle pose is an easy stretch to do when you are pregnant no matter what trimester you are in.

According to YogaJournal.com, this pose is great too if you have a headache since you are probably not going to want to take any medication for it. Don’t worry if you cannot touch the floor all the way now, use a yoga block behind you so you don’t overdo it but you can still get the full effect of the pose. So next time you have a headache try this pose and see how much it will alleviate the pain.

9 Balancing Table Pose

When you get further along in your pregnancy you might need someone to help you up when you are in the balancing table pose since this is a pose done an all fours.

8 Extended Side Angle Pose

A pose that you will want to add to your routine during your pregnancy is the extended side angle pose. DoYouYoga.com states that the extended side angle pose can help tone your pelvic floor.

Your lower half is going to be one of the areas that you want to be at it strongest before your baby arrives to help when you are in the delivery room. If you need any modifications in this pose due to your pregnancy try taking a shorter stance than usual and slightly bend your front knee.

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7 Tree Pose

If you are a true beginner to yoga then you are going to want to practice the tree pose. PowerYoga.com has mentioned that this pose is great during pregnancy since the tree pose is known to build strength in your legs and help with circulation to your feet and ankles. So we recommend practicing this pose if you have had any circulation problems since becoming pregnant.

If you are having any trouble balancing with the pose while you are expecting, move to a wall to help up from wobbling around.

6 Pigeon Pose

The Pigeon pose is a great yoga stretch that when done right can really be effective when you are in labor. According to Greatist.com, the pigeon pose is the perfect pose every soon to be mother should be practicing this pose helps open your hips.

Remember that when you are working on this pose to practice this stretch on both legs to get the full effect. Don’t worry if your belly will not allow you to bend all the way in this pose you can do a modified version by just staying completely upright to still work out the same muscles.

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5 Warrior II Pose

Another great beginner yoga pose for women to do during their pregnancy is the warrior two pose.

Though this is a simple pose it is still very effective when it comes to being in tune with the rest of your body. YogaJournal.com has stated that the warrior two pose is great to do if you are having trouble in the bathroom. Even though this is a beginner pose reminded to listen to your body and not take a wide stance if you do not feel comfortable about getting out of the pose.

4 Reclined Bound Angle Pose

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While you are pregnant make sure you modify it so you are not fully on the floor. Use yoga blocks or even pillow and blanket to keep you on an incline and to make it easier to get out of.

3 Goddess Pose

The goddess pose is well-known in the yoga community as a wide-legged squat pose. Though squatting can be difficult during pregnancy try your best to be in a wide stance to get the full effect of the pose.

2 Cat-Cow Pose

When you're pregnant your belly is going to grow as your baby develops more and get bigger. Unfortunately, as your little one is growing inside of you, you might end up feeling some stomach pain due to your little one pressing up against your skin. Greatist.com has listed the cat-cow pose for being the best pose an expecting mother can do to relieve belly pressure.

We know this is going to be a commonly used yoga pose while you are pregnant to stay comfortable during the months you are pregnant.

1 Wide Child’s Pose

Another great yoga pose you can practice to help alleviate any pressure you are feeling in your chest or stomach due to carrying a baby in your womb is the wide child’s pose, according to 8Fit.com this pose helps with the pressures on your front body since your legs and lower half are holding your body in this yoga pose.

If you feel like searching out in front of you is too much for you to handle try the modified version of this pose by keeping your arms by your sides.

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