10 Biblical Baby Boy Names That Are Underused

The bible is full of so many classic and epic baby names that it's difficult to choose just one. From Abraham and Gideon to Isaac and Jonah, there really are some great names in this book. Of course, each name also comes with a backstory- some more well-known than others, but amazing nonetheless.

We picked some of the greatest boy baby names from the bible to help you decide on the best one for your impending little one! And don't worry, we aren't recommending anyone name their baby "Judas"...

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10 Judah

Judah was both a kingdom and a person in biblical times. Judah was home to the tribes of Benjamin and Judah, of course, and its capital was Jerusalem. Judah is now located in modern-day Israel- the kingdom it split from in biblical times. Judah, the person, was the son of Jacob, who was a pretty big deal when it came to naming the 12 tribes as they are listed after his sons.

Besides the history of the name, Judah means "praise," which is pretty awesome in itself. Plus, there aren't too many kids named Judah these days, which gives it a unique edge.

9 Lazarus

Lazarus is such a cool and unique name- how could we not love it?! Lazarus was another interesting biblical character as he was friends with Jesus and the disciples. He was brought back to life after being buried for four days, which makes him the subject of a great miracle performed by Jesus.

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In Hebrew, the name Lazarus means "God has helped," which makes perfect sense given the backstory. As mentioned with the name Judah, Lazarus is not common despite being an amazing baby name. The nickname "Laz" is pretty cute, too!

8 Ezekiel

Ezekiel, a priest, wrote a book of the Bible appropriately titled after him. The name "Ezekiel" is not only cool sounding but also has a great meaning. From a Hebrew origin, Ezekiel means "God will strengthen," and who doesn't want that for their new little one?

Sure, Ezekiel may be a mouthful for a newborn baby, but that's where the super cute nickname "Zeke" comes into play! In addition to the biblical Ezekiel, there have been a few other famous people with the name, such as NFL running back Ezekiel Elliot.

7 Jeremiah

Jeremiah, said to be one of Judah's greatest prophets, also authored a book in the Bible (or his followers did at least). This name may be a bit more common than Judah or Ezekiel but still isn't overused given how classic it is.

It's Hebrew origin means "appointed by God," which makes sense given Jeremiah was a prophet after all. Nicknames for Jeremiah include Jerry, Jay, J.J., and Miah, but we prefer "Jeremiah" in its entirety. There are plenty of famous athletes named Jeremiah, which basically proves this is a good, strong name.

6 Israel


Most people do know what the biblical kingdom of Israel was as this country still exists today. It's regarded as the biblical Holy Land and many people travel to visit its historic sites. Despite its biblical significance and how cute the name "Israel" is for a baby boy, it's not that common to meet someone with this name.

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The name has a Hebrew origin meaning "may God prevail" or "God contends." For a baby name, it's really quite cute with nicknames such as "Issy" or "Rae" being options.

5 Ezra

Despite it being more popular than some other biblical names, Ezra is not overused by any means. Ezra is both a biblical book and author as he wrote to show the faithfulness of God.

The Hebrew meaning behind this short and sweet moniker is "helper," which is a great character trait for any kid to have. There are numerous historic figures with this name, but not so much in modern times, which helps this cute little name keep some of its originality.

4 Jonah

You don't have to be religious to know the story of Jonah and the whale! It's probably one of the most popular as some people take it literally and others see it figuratively. But whatever your take on the story of Jonah being swallowed by a whale is, there's no denying this is an adorable baby name!

The Hebrew origin means "dove" or "destroyer" and is said to be someone who brings bad luck to sailors. However, on a more positive note, people named Jonah are also said to be creative and analytical, according to the site. Plus, we think "Jojo" makes for a perfect baby nickname!

3 Roman

The Romans play a significant part in biblical text with one major book by Paul the Apostle being written to the church of Rome. This New Testament book is aptly named "Romans" for Paul's intended audience.

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Of course, Romans have other roles in the bible but we don't need to dive that deep to know "Roman" makes for a great and rarely used baby name! The name "Roman" simply means citizen of Rome. But don't let this stop you from using this classic moniker! This fun name is timeless and definitely not overused!

2 Solomon

Solomon was a famous king of Israel succeeding his father, King David, to the throne. King Solomon was famous for his wisdom and is known as "the wisest man who ever lived." Solomon wasn't without his faults, but received his strength and wisdom from God.

Perhaps one of the more common biblical baby names on our list, Solomon is a timeless and strong name. Its Hebrew origin means "peace," and this makes for an endearing baby name today.

1 Jedidiah

King Solomon was also graced with the name "Jedidiah," which means "blessing" or "friend of God" in its Hebrew origin.

While this name may seem a bit more old fashioned than other biblical baby names, it's slowly making a comeback with its hip vibe. The nicknames "Jed" and "Jeddy" also make for unique and sweet baby names.

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